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(hī`mən) or


(hīmənē`əs), in Greek mythology, personification of marriage, represented as a beautiful youth carrying a bridal torch and wearing a veil.


A mucous membrane partly closing off the vaginal orifice. Also known as maidenhead.


Anatomy a fold of mucous membrane that partly covers the entrance to the vagina and is usually ruptured when sexual intercourse takes place for the first time
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The structure was interpreted to be the vagina and uterine stump and, based on results of physical exam, blood work, and CT, a hydrocolpos secondary to imperforate hymen was suspected.
Point Ap: located in the midline of the posterior vaginal wall 3cms proximal to the hymen.
This has traditionally been tested by the presence of an intact hymen, which was verified by either a physical examination (usually by a physician, who would provide a certificate of virginity) or by a "proof of blood", which refers to vaginal bleeding that results from the tearing of the hymen.
In the so- called 'two- finger test', doctors probe the vagina to determine if the hymen is intact and try to determine if the vagina is lax, which is taken as evidence that the woman routinely has sex and thus consented to intercourse.
I will never accept to allow a doctor to check me just to satisfy the groom's family that my hymen is intact.
These findings were confirmed to arrive at a diagnosis of persistent hymen using vaginal speculum (Fig.
Modern science also has developed medical procedures such as hymenoplasty which restores the hymen using a membrane with no blood supply.
Stage II: the prolapse is [less than or equal to]1 cm proximal or distal to the plane of the hymen
Women with uncomplicated SUI will have urinary leakage from the urethra by provocative stress measures such as the cough test, a normal urinalysis that rules out urinary tract infection, no pelvic organ prolapse beyond the hymen, and a normal postvoid residual urine volume, the guidelines specify, adding that patients who meet these criteria and have not responded to conservative interventions do not need urodynamic testing before proceeding to surgery.
Eecrit par Ouardirhi Abdelaziz Hymen recousu La virginite feminine est un sujet qui passionne depuis l'aube des temps, c'est est aussi un sujet tabou dont n'osait pas parler, mais de nos jours en ce XXIeme siecle les choses ont tendance a changer et les jeunes filles comme les garcons ont une autre perception de la virginite.
She caressed Viens Hymen from Rameau's H Les Indes Galantes with the utmost tenderness, weaving her voice with the plaintive flute accompaniment.
The primary objective of this study was to determine the equivalence between MSCC and catheterized urine specimens in women with urogenital prolapse to or beyond the hymen.