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(hī`mən) or


(hīmənē`əs), in Greek mythology, personification of marriage, represented as a beautiful youth carrying a bridal torch and wearing a veil.


A mucous membrane partly closing off the vaginal orifice. Also known as maidenhead.


Anatomy a fold of mucous membrane that partly covers the entrance to the vagina and is usually ruptured when sexual intercourse takes place for the first time
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Debbie Hymen commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for me.
Bun married Hymen Shapiro of Worcester on May 20th, 1945.
The 15-year-old was examined by a pathologist and it was found her hymen had been broken at an earlier date," Katsounotos explained.
Aquila Asia's frank coverage of controversial topics like hymen reconstruction and the state of virginity among Muslim women helps empower readers around the region, said writer Laila Achmad.
The most poignant of these are the women who seek hymen repair surgery, who may have been threatened with violence if they do not appear to be virgins, as studied by Birgitta Essen et al in Sweden.
That's when Hymen Lipman was granted a patent for a pencil different than those used for centuries -- his had an eraser at one end.
This membrane, called the hymen, gets broken during sex and this can also cause bleeding.
Viewers also complained about the flamboyant TV host's comment that it was time to find out "who has pierced the hymen of awareness to ejaculate success into the uterus of popular culture".
You may be having difficulty inserting them because your hymen is still intact.
A THE test of a woman's virginity used to be whether her hymen - the membrane across the vagina - was intact or not.
The first part of Carroll's original title, "The Virgin Not," is for some reason omitted here, which is too bad because it so clearly underscores his central point that language representing the biology of female sexuality in the plays is linked to a particular obsession with the existence--or not--of the hymen (the virgin knot).