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(hī`mən) or


(hīmənē`əs), in Greek mythology, personification of marriage, represented as a beautiful youth carrying a bridal torch and wearing a veil.
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A mucous membrane partly closing off the vaginal orifice. Also known as maidenhead.
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Anatomy a fold of mucous membrane that partly covers the entrance to the vagina and is usually ruptured when sexual intercourse takes place for the first time
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What were the initial steps in creating Hymen? Stephen: The first step in the design process was to research the traditional image of Hymen.
In the present case, we describe a pregnant woman diagnosed with imperforate hymen which never had penetrative vaginal sex and who took treatment for infertility.
"Most of the intel we received from the public was about expatriate rings, mainly from Southeast Asia, performing abortions and hymen reconstruction surgeries from houses and apartments," said Mr Al Dossary, who is vice-chairman of parliament's foreign affairs, defence and national security committee.
It is very much important for the men to know that girls do not only lose their hymen for having sex rather they lose it in sports etc so they must not be punished for the faults which they have not done and it should not be an obstacle in any relationship.
But some women are born without a hymen, and the membrane can also be ruptured if a girl engages in curtains sports or uses of a tampon.Women and girls are often forced to undergo virginity tests for various reasons, including requests by parents or potential partners to establish their suitability for marriage, and sometimes even by potential employers the military, for instance to determine their eligibility.
In their statement, the UN agencies explained that the practice has "no scientific or clinical basis" and that "there is no examination that can prove a girl or woman has had sex", as the "appearance of girl's or woman's hymen cannot prove whether they have had sexual intercourse or are sexually active or not".
After reading Virgin Envy: The Cultural (In)significance of the Hymen, I found myself reflecting back to my own "first time" as a cisgender, heterosexual girl, and my decidedly tepid reaction to the experience.
The championships took place at the Dorothy Hymen Stadium, Barnsley, and presenting the medals was Dorothy Hymen herself, twice an Olympian and three times Olympic medalist.
According to reporter, Inspector General of Crime Branch Afhad-ul-Mujtaba in a statement in Srinagar said, 'A section of media spread baseless information that the hymen of the child could have broken due to horse riding, cycling which is not possible in case of an 8-year-old girl.'
District Headquarters Hospital (DHQ) Medico Legal Officer Dr Quratulain Attique told reporters that Zainab had died of strangulation while her hymen was ruptured.
Catharines, Ontario) and Adriana Spahr (Associate Professor at the Department of Humanities at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta) the contributors to "Virgin Envy: The Cultural (In)Significance of the Hymen" cover everything from medieval romance, to Bollywood films, to Twilight and True Blood, to destabilize the many assumptions about sexual purity.
Persistent hymen is one of the developmental defects of genital tract in cattle.