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(hīpûr`bəlē), a figure of speech in which exceptional exaggeration is deliberately used for emphasis rather than deception. Andrew Marvell employed hyperbole throughout "To His Coy Mistress":
An hundred years should go to praise
Thine eyes and on thy forehead gaze;
Two hundred to adore each breast;
But thirty thousand to the rest …



a stylistic figure or artistic device based on exaggeration. In hyperbole a phenomenon is endowed with a particular attribute to a degree that it does not really possess (for example, N. V. Gogol’s “trousers as wide as the Black Sea”). Thus, hyperbole is an artistic convention and is employed with expressive intentions. It is characteristic of the poetics of epic folklore, romantic poetry, and satirical works (Gogol and V. V. Mayakovsky). The opposite stylistic figure is litotes.

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HYPERBOLE is as much part of rock 'n' roll as guitar solos and parties.
19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The Proposition 33 team is tired of the hyperbole and is pleased that a Sacramento Court Judge shut Consumer Watchdog down today.
We examined children at home and took into consideration four types of non-literal language: hyperbole, euphemism, sarcasm and rhetorical questions.
Beware hyperbole Harry Herbert declares Harbinger "has confirmed himself as one of the all-time greats", yet later the same articles comments " .
We live in an age of hyperbole--a gleaming, sparkling Golden Age of Hyperbole, where metophorical puddings are liberally over-egged, tenuous points are laboured into the ground like enslaved Israelites and intros for gently ironic columns about food advertising are over-written more self-indulgently then the second series of Twin Peeks.
Matt Welch engages in hyperbole himself when he characterizes Hayek's thesis in The Road to Serfdom as "manifestations of collectivism even in market-based democracies lead inexorably down the road to tyranny," considering that Hayek advocates some lite-collectivist policies in that book ("The Uses of Hyperbole," August/September).
Then Dickey tells Keefer he "should contain his tendency toward hyperbole.
Our previous article shows that the Y content of any element K in a chemical compound is decreasing in case molecular mass X is increasing in the range from 1 up to any desired value in compliance with rectangular hyperbole law Y = K/X.
It slows down the writing process and enables students to focus on creativity, composition writing sentence by sentence, the development of ideas, and the use of literary devices, such as personification, hyperbole, similes and metaphors.
The hyperbole reminds me of the buzz surrounding every new album the Rolling Stones (England's other pop culture war horse) release that's heralded as their best since ``Tattoo You'' or ``Some Girls'' or ``Exile on Main St.
While much is made about some gate outside of Jerusalem, it is better to read this as hyperbole.
They would discuss compositional methods that biblical authors used, including the use of hyperbole.