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14-17) In this case, the observed clinical signs were severe feather loss from the body with diffuse hyperemia, severe lichenification, and crusting.
Jack Elands, Chief Executive Officer of Amakem, said: "AMA0076 has demonstrated IOP reduction without significant hyperemia, the first ROCK inhibitor to achieve this goal in the clinic.
In the Framingham Heart Study offspring cohort increased aortic stiffness was associated with higher forearm vascular resistance at baseline and during reactive hyperemia, and with blunted flow reserve during hyperemia (39).
The typical clinical picture includes palpebral edema, bulbar hyperemia and conjunctival hyperemia accompanying sudden, painful, abundant purulant discharge in the first 2-5 days of life (7,8).
A transient increase in skin blood flow after ischemia is regulated by a protective mechanism called reactive hyperemia [4850,56-57].
The diameter of brachial artery was measured by 10 MHz transducer in longitudinal section on 2-1,5 cm above the elbow bend before and after tests with reactive hyperemia through 30-90 seconds.
Specifically, the previously seen hyperemia and stromal oedema had resolved.
After 20-day applications of XKJ, colonic samples showed alleviations of the hyperemia, edema, and the quantities of ulcerations.
Wound space was filled with young granulation tissues that had bleeding, hyperemia and intense necrotic changes and was infiltrated by inflammatory cells.
Flow-mediated dilatation of the brachial artery was evaluated after reactive hyperemia induced by cuff obstruction of the forearm, using high-resolution ultasonography.
Most adverse reactions with LACRISERT were mild and transient and included transient blurring of vision, ocular discomfort or irritation, matting or stickiness of eyelashes, photophobia, hypersensitivity, edema of the eyelids, and hyperemia.