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Hypertrophy of the cornea.
Hypertrophy of the horny layer of the skin.
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excessive development of the corneous layer of the skin in humans. Hyperkeratosis may be caused by external factors (such as prolonged pressure, friction, or the effects of lubricating oils) or internal factors (endocrine dysfunctions, hypovitaminosis A, occupational intoxication). Hyperkeratosis is manifested by the formation of horny plates, nodes of various sizes, protuberances, and spurs; the skin becomes dry and perspiration decreases. Hyperkeratosis may be accompanied by the formation of painful cracks (on the palms and soles). It may be limited (calluses, warts, keratomas) or diffuse, spread over large areas or the entire skin surface (ichthyosis). Treatment consists in soda or soap baths, vitamin therapy, and medications that dissolve the horny substance.

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Moisturizers and topical antifungal medications were prescribed for the hyperkeratotic lesions.
(3) SCC most commonly presents as a hyperkeratotic papule or plaque.
Although our case is consistent with the classical form, yellowish-brown-colored hyperkeratotic plaques on the knees were also accepted as the extension of the disease.
Hardened, hyperkeratotic papule-like lesion on the back of the second finger and thrombosed blood vessels on its center.
The affected infant is premature or stillborn, encased in a rigid, taut, yellowish to brown colored tightly adherent hyperkeratotic coat of armour.
However, the animal horns are composed of superficial hyperkeratotic epidermis, dermis with centrally positioned bone.
Porokeratosis should be considered when hyperkeratotic skin lesion is seen on hand.
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Materials and Methods: 90 patients with tobacco associated hyperkeratotic red and white lesion, ulcerative lesion, and frank malignancy included in study.
A 62-year-old man presented with a painful, hyperkeratotic papule on the left dorsal hand.