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Microscopic examination again revealed chronic hyperplastic tissue.
One year later, the hyperplastic tissue recurred in the areas of both mandibular canines (Figure 1).
The treatment of DIGH is limited to meticulous plaque control and, if necessary, surgical removal of the hyperplastic tissue by means of gingivectomy.
In the present case, size of the hyperplastic tissue was interfering with the patient's ability to chew, speak and was causing serious esthetic problems; therefore, it was excised completely.
2,3) Oral prophylaxis alone will not be sufficient to control the fibrotic gingival overgrowth, but even surgical excision of hyperplastic tissues is essential.
2) Furthermore, once drug induced GE sets in; it usually does not respond well to plaque control thus requiring surgical excision of hyperplastic tissues.
The patent broadly covers methods for treating vascularized tumors and hyperplastic tissues using solid-phase agents, such as particles, coils and stents, coated with von Willebrand factor.