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This is often associated with anxiety, but can develop into a long-term habit thought to affect asthma in three different ways - first, people who hyperventilate tend to breathe through their mouths rather than their noses.
Physical symptoms include those of a normal panic attack but sufferers can also hyperventilate, breathing so fast that they can't inhale their normal level of oxygen.
Ozzy adds: "I hyperventilate opening a box of chocolates.
When some girls with asthma began to hyperventilate in panic, the teacher ordered other students to remove ceiling tiles to let in more air.
Ivette added that Arceli hyperventilates when she is stressed out but has not experienced nose bleeds in the past.
While Joe McElderry admitted he hyperventilates before he goes on, but then puts his nerves into his performance.
Butler splits himself well between his two characters and Foster is hilarious, playing an agoraphobic, compulsive obsessive who almost hyperventilates when she runs out of antiseptic hand wash.
But the librarian's eyes bug out and she hyperventilates, almost crying.
How can a guy who blinks and hyperventilates at the slightest provocation pull off an illegal business that is accurately referred to as the confidence game?
This was nothing less than "a terror plan that made Osama bin Laden's look rinky-dink," hyperventilates Kristof -- missing the point that local law enforcement foiled this grand scheme in timely fashion.
Keeler hyperventilates just looking at photos of mice.