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A hyphen ( - ) is used primarily to join two or more words to form a new, compound word or to provide clarity when using certain affixes (such as prefixes). Hyphens also have certain technical uses, such as indicating a range of numbers or combining multiple sets of numbers together into a single unit (as is often done with telephone numbers).
Because a hyphen unites multiple things into a single element, we do not put spaces on either side of it (except in one specific circumstance known as a hanging hyphen, which we’ll discuss later on).
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see punctuationpunctuation
[Lat.,=point], the use of special signs in writing to clarify how words are used; the term also refers to the signs themselves. In every language, besides the sounds of the words that are strung together there are other features, such as tone, accent, and pauses,
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a short horizontal line used without spaces in several types of words and word combinations.

In words the hyphen joins particles, as in the Russian chto-to, “something,” and the French celui-ci, “this one” or “the latter”; prefixes, as in the Russian po-prezhnemu, “as before”; and the roots of compounds, as in the Russian temno-krasnyi, “dark red,” and the [British] English “baby-talk.”

Word combinations with a hyphen are usually one part of the sentence: the Russian Diuma-otets, “Dumas père,” and the English “good-for-nothing.” The hyphen is also used for syllable division at the end of a line and as a sign of abbreviation, as in the Russian b-ka (for biblioteka, “library”) and s.-kh. (for sel’skokhoziaistvennyi, “agricultural”).


A connecting link (for example, a covered walkway) between a large, centrally located house and its dependencies or wings; the house and its hyphens may be in a straight line or form a curve. Also see five-part mansion.
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Likewise, when he captained England to the West Indies - and took a Test Match wicket some 88 years before the unashamedly hyphenated Roland-Jones.
I'm not advocating the dissolution of the hyphenated American, but I want people to understand the slippery slope we've allowed to develop.
This hyphenated 15-letter term can be found in various online sources.
It is to match--tendi and prendi that fai and--mai are set to two notes, and hyphenated in the music.
com) is Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology at New York University and co-author of Muslim American Youth: Understanding Hyphenated Identities Across Multiple Methods.
When, in 2006, the parents wanted to add their son to the family record book held in Niebull, Germany, under the hyphenated surname Grunkin-Paul, the German authorities refused as German law does not allow a child to have a hyphenated surname.
It's noteworthy that the special-needs community has more than their share of hyphenated words, terms, and phrases.
Hart's solution to the error of confusing the sacred and the secular is for Christian citizens to live a hyphenated life, i.
German leadership lost its message and audience as hyphenated Americans were no longer welcome in the nation of hundred-percent loyalty: "What began as a suspicion of German Philadelphians as potential spies and saboteurs," Kazal commented, "mushroomed into an assault on any German ethnic expression,"--and this assault spread from east coast to west, from city to town and village throughout the nation.
The one-word term "baseball" developed into its compound form from its previous spelling as two separate words, the adjective "base" preceding the noun "ball," and an intermediate hyphenated version as "base-ball.
Houshmandzadeh or handing off to Obafemi Ayanbadejo, and none of the names get hyphenated.
This is particularly true of German and Slavic languages; many words in these languages are quite long, and narrow columns will force oddly justified or hyphenated words.