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His, Wilhelm


Born July 9, 1831, in Basel; died May 1, 1904, in Leipzig. German embryologist and anatomist. Professor at the universities of Basel (from 1857) and Leipzig (from 1872).

His’ first works were devoted to the anatomy and histology of the cornea, lymph glands, and cutaneous integuments, and also to craniology. He proposed a method of “reconstruction” of the structure of embryos by means of studying them in serial microscopic sections, for which purpose he introduced the microtome into embryological research in 1870. His developed the idea of “organ-forming zones” of the embryo, that is, zones that give rise to certain organs. He explained changes in the structure of the embryo by mechanical causes and attempted to simulate these changes.


Untersuchungen über die erste Anlage des Wirbeltierleibes. Leipzig, 1868.
Unsere Körperform und das physiologische Problem ihrer Entstehung. Leipzig, 1874.
Anatomie menschlicher Embryonen, vols. 1-3. Leipzig, 1880-85.
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The thyroid gland develops at the junction between tuberculum impar (forms anterior two third of tongue) and hypobranchial eminence (forms the posterior one third of tongue) which forms the foramen caecum (2).
Most authors believe that the midline hypobranchial eminence is the sole precursor of the epiglottis.
The hypobranchial eminence becomes the epiglottis and 2nd & 3rd eminences develop into arytenoids.