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The point along a fault where an earthquake is initiated.



the focal point of an earthquake. The depth at which a hypocenter lies can vary from 0 to 700 km. The source of underground shock is movements along tectonic faults, which vary in length up to hundreds of kilometers. In this sense, the hypocenter means the point from which the fault began to rip open. In the upper parts of the earth’s crust (up to 20 km) the hypocenter occurs as a result of brittle deformations in a rock series. Deeper hypocenters arise where plastic deformations prevail.

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We consider N earthquakes occurring within a network recorded by M seismic stations and the total number of hypocenter parameter to be determined is 4N.
The flesh of the children in Honkawa Elementary School near the hypocenter did not hold up as well as the concrete and structural steel of the Atomic Bomb Dome.
P [I [greater than or equal to] i\M and R] = conditional probability of (random) intensity I exceeding value i at the site for a given earthquake magnitude M and hypocenter distance R.
Usando la tecnica de la doble diferencia Waldhauser and Ellsworth (2000) y el programa HYPODD, procedimos a relocalizar los sismos que fueron registrados por ocho estaciones incluyendo QPSR y con un gap [menor que o igual a] 180, en total tenemos 52 sismos; que son localizados primeramente usando el programa HYPOCENTER.
The explosion of a fission device of 15Kt was computer-simulated, with hypocenter (HC) in the midpoint of the main avenue, aad the 2002 population census considered.
One of the key steps of the method is the search of the fastest seismic ray that travels between a specific hypocenter and a given seismograph.
Changes in hypocenter locations during the course of the swarm are obvious.
Li visited the Nagasaki Peace Park in the city and offered flowers at a memorial at the hypocenter of the atomic bomb that devastated the city in August 1945.
Unlike diffracted P waves, which bounce from an earthquake's hypocenter down 2,000 miles along the boundary, PKP waves go directly through the inner core of the Earth.
The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reported that the depth of the hypocenter was 14 kilometers, which is considered to be a relatively shallow earthquake.
The overpressure at the hypocenter (the spot directly under the explosion) at Hiroshima is estimated to have reached 4.
While they can't be positive, seismologists suspect that somewhere beneath Point Reyes lay the 1906 quake's hypocenter - the point on the fault that first ruptures.