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Experts have warned that hypochondria is being driven by the rise of social media and the internet.
And what I've learned from my hypochondria is that thinking about dying is not the worst thing you can do with some of your free time.
It is said that hypochondria arises from negative experiences with sickness or death and that the disorder is related to how a person's family deals with these issues.
Colin, my drinking companion, suffers from hypochondria and kleptomania.
Concluding the work is a song composed and performed by Patane and musician Andrew Moss, with lyrics that allude to Patane's experiences with hypochondria, some borrowed from the correspondence between the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his teacher Ford Madox Brown.
In the final and fourth chapter, gendered notions of psychological illnesses, especially hysteria, hypochondria, and melancholy, are explored.
I advocate a good old dose of industrial hypochondria to avoid complacency and to put ourselves firmly into the category of 'the worried well'.
Summing up the economic travails of France, Paul Krugman, in his blog for New York Times, observed that France is suffering from hypochondria. He described it as a delusion that leads one to assume that that it has certain illnesses, which in reality it does not.
London, Oct 19 ( ANI ): A new research has revealed that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is more effective than standard care for people suffering from hypochondria or health anxiety.
But far from feeding hysterical overreaction and hypochondria, this could actually be a good thing.