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Failure of a tissue or organ to achieve complete development.



or hypogenesis, underdevelopment of a tissue, organ, part of the body, or entire organism. Just as with aplasia, the basis of hypoplasia is impairment of the interuterine development of the fetus as a result of the effect of radiant energy on the mother’s organism, imbalance in nutrition, and certain infections transmitted from the mother to the fetus, such as German measles, toxoplasmosis, or poliomyelitis.

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The nails may be absent, hypoplastic, or dystrophic, with some of the various nail dysplasia including horizontal or longitudinal ridging, pitting, or the presence of a longitudinal cleft that separates them in half.
If it was just the hypoplastic, then it was fixable," says Amy.
Left renal vein is draining into the hypoplastic segment of IVC (Fig.
Owen, she said, was born with left hypoplastic heart disease, which up until the development of the Norwood procedure to "reroute the heart's plumbing," was often fatal for infants.
The chest CT was done in the arterial phase and showed a hypoplastic right upper lobe bronchus and consequently also a hypoplastic right lung - this explained the mediastinal shift to the right (Fig.
The family got to spend just four weeks together before Ben died in August 2010 because he was born with hypoplastic left artery syndrome
Echocardiography revealed four chambers; atrioventricular cavities on the left side were hypoplastic while atrioventricular cavities on the right side were dilated.
Sex Delivery outcome m f Polydactyly 50 25 Talipes 12 12 Genurecurvatum 04 05 Achrondroplasia 06 00 Intra-uterine amputation 01 02 (amniotic bands) 02 Syndactyly 02 01 Craniovertebral anomaly 01 00 Amelia upper limbs 01 00 Osteogenesis imperfects 00 00 Hypoplastic femur 00 01 Hypoplastic mandible (severe) 00 01 Oxycephaly 00 01 N 79 48 rate per Delivery outcome 1000 births freq Polydactyly 10.
Mum, Tracy Morris, said the condition, hypoplastic left heart syndrome, was diagnosed within 24 hours of Liberty's birth at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Bodelwyddan and she was transferred to Liverpool's Alder Hey children's hospital.