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The country code for Ireland.
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information engineering

An integrated set of methodologies and products used to guide and develop information processing within an organization. It starts with enterprise-wide strategic planning and ends with running applications.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft's original Web browser, which has been included with Windows since Windows 95. Commonly called "IE," versions for Internet Explorer for Mac and Unix were also available for a number of years. IE has been superseded by Microsoft's Edge browser, and the last IE version (IE 11) will lose support from Microsoft in 2021. See Edge browser.

At one time, Internet Explorer was the most widely used Web browser on PCs. However, Chrome and Firefox along with several Chromium-based browsers eventually took the lion's share. See Chromium.

The Browser Wars
In the mid-1990s, Netscape's Navigator browser, which was paid software, became the de facto on-ramp to the Web. Recognizing the Internet's potential, Microsoft quickly developed IE for Windows and gave it away. As a result, Netscape was forced to make Navigator free, and both browsers vied for top place, each new version one-upping the other with new features. Since it came with every Windows PC, IE eventually overtook Netscape. See Web browser and World Wide Web.
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Ten (10%) percent of the total of Items 1-7 (i.e., direct cost categories including one for all "insurance required by reason of the performance of the extra work") as compensation for all other items of cost or expense including administrative, overhead, superintendence, and small tools;
Fatigue of elastomeric components will be discussed, including an overview and presentations on the role of material morphology (hierarchy of morphologies, initiation of fracture, role of crack tip behavior and causes of crack branching), processing effects on fracture properties (type of polymerization, i.e., emulsion versus solution, mixing effects, mixed processing events, potential material anisotropy), environmental factors (monotone, cyclic, mixed events, including mechanical, thermal loading, chemical environments and mixed mission profiles), crack growth properties and life estimate modeling methods.
In addition to offering better storage utilization and scalability, networked storage can provide greater manageability and availability (i.e., supporting server failover by Microsoft Cluster Service).
Indeed, they enable Tlusty to analyze and interpret the main source materials (i.e., court records) with a keener eye and, thus, with more authority.
There will be an exemption for Category 2 and 3 tankers which fulfil special safety conditions (i.e. those with reinforced single hulls) which can continue to be used until 2015 or until they are 25 years old.
The favored approach in MMD is to combine a harder punch (i.e., 55 Rockwell C) with a softer (43 C) die.
A convenience sample of college students was recruited through announcements in 12 sections of wellness (i.e., personal health) classes offered during the fall and spring semesters at a northeastern metropolitan university.
For adolescent males, three variables independently affected the probability of having initiated intercourse by Wave 2, and only one was a maternal variable (i.e., the mother's views on whether her son was in a romantic relationship).
Alternatively, eliminate the requirement to "attach schedules" or reduce the schedule to presentation of control balances (i.e., total income) only.
I suggest that after you have written a manuscript that you ask a professional school counselor to read and critique what you have written (i.e., the content).
What is the facility's responsibility in this matter, i.e., who is responsible for the cost of the radiation treatments, and who is responsible for the ambulance rides?
CSOM has a profound impact on society in terms of resources utilized in treatment (i.e., topical, oral, and intravenous antibiotics, multiple office visits, and surgery) as well as the direct impact that chronic infection has on hearing.