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(1) (Internet CARD) An electronic postcard (e-card) service from Apple that was discontinued in 2008.

(2) (i-card) The term used for an "information card" in the Higgins project. In practice, i-card and information card were used synonymously. See Higgins project and identity metasystem.

(3) A name briefly associated with the vCard when it moved to the IETF, because vCalendar became iCalendar. See vCard and iCalendar.

(4) (ID CARD) A smart card, magnetic stripe card or barcoded card used for identification purposes.

(5) (i-card) A former Web payment service from Cyber Catalyst, Saligramam, Chennai, India. The i-card was a virtual debit card that contained a value that was reduced online when making a purchase at compliant sites. When a transaction was made, a supporting email was sent to the i-card holder.
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Yavor Petrov, CEO of iCard said, "The rise of contactless payments has come - contactless acceptance widens every day with more and more merchants being equipped with contactless-enabled POS terminals and with the growing popularity of contactless payments, wearables and digital wallets among end consumers.
THOMAS FREDERICK ICARD III, "The Algorithmic Mind: A Study of Inference in Action." Adviser: Johan van Benthem.
Petersburg, FL, April 11, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The Sarasota Suncoast Team at Keller Williams Realty International helps their sellers through a challenging sales process after their closing attorney, Steven Greenberg of Icard Merrill, discovers during title search that the sellers didn't have clear title to the property and that years ago someone had taken out a fraudulent mortgage on the home.
The handicapper is still refusing to give an inch, but he could still go well at a decent price in the Racing UK iCard For Today's Racing Handicap.
EVIE Jay is afforded plenty of respect in the Racing UK iCard For Today's Racecards Nursery Handicap at Catterick.
Evie Jay is afforded plenty of respect in the Racing UK iCard For Today''''s Racecards Nursery Handicap at Catterick.
These include the World Organisation for Animal Health workshop entitled "Improved Animal Welfare Programmes" held in Bogor, Indonesia from 30th October-2nd November 2012, and the Indonesian ICARD conference on Livestock Production and Veterinary Technology at Bogor from October 1st-4th, 2012.
There is also a new smart phone app, Free Rx iCard, available to make obtaining a card even more convenient.
And, in the same way as epistemics becomes interesting in a dynamic or temporal setting (see our toolkit), there is work on logics that address the temporal aspects and the dynamics of intentions as well (van der Hoek, Jamroga, and Wooldridge 2007) and, indeed, on the joint revision of beliefs and intentions (Icard, Pacuit, and Shoham 2010).
David Icard and Alicia Stanislaw opened the doors to the Wig Bank in 2001.