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(1) (Internet CARD) An electronic postcard (e-card) service from Apple that was discontinued in 2008.

(2) (i-card) The term used for an "information card" in the Higgins project. In practice, i-card and information card are used synonymously. See Higgins project and identity metasystem.

(3) A name briefly associated with the vCard when it moved to the IETF, because vCalendar became iCalendar. See vCard and iCalendar.

(4) (ID CARD) A smart card, magnetic stripe card or barcoded card used for identification purposes.

(5) (i-card) A former Web payments service from Cyber Catalyst, Saligramam, Chennai, India. The i-card was a virtual debit card that contained a value that was reduced online when making a purchase at compliant sites. When a transaction was made, a supporting e-mail was sent to the i-card holder.
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The iCard service offers a new exclusive mobile payment service that provides customers with the safest and easiest way to get cashU prepaid cards without the use of a credit card or K-Net (K-Net is a national company providing electronic banking services to all the banks in Kuwait).
For gay youth in ethnic minorities, role conflicts may be even more pronounced since homosexuality is considered unacceptable in many of these cultures (Hidalgo & Christensen, 1976-77; Icard, 1986; Tremble, Schneider, & Appathurai, 1989; Wilson, 1986).
The company's InCard DisplayCard and ICard products enable dual-factor authentication in a convenient credit card form-factor.
Tenders are invited for Printer model sp: plus make datacard along with full color and black ribbon with icard software (item code:- 2501100557) qty:- 1 no
She needs to protect herself: says Art Ginsburg, a family-law attorney with Icard Merrill, who has handled many prominent divorce cases.
Both parties, the sellers and the buyers, were not going to attend the closing and the documents were sent by Icard Merrill via FedEx.
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is a partner and shareholder at Icard, Merrill, Cullis, Timmi, Furen & Ginsburg, P.
Companies like iCARD give consumers a way to order gift cards online, and to personalize them with a photo and message.
Stormin Exit, the nearest pursuer to Fred Bojangals last time, is back up in trip for the Blue Square iCard Handicap Chase and that should see him home in front again, having previously scored over this distance at Newcastle.
According to Archer, the credit union will be added an iCard credit card account in August.
The local tourist board has launched a new EUR300 iCard - if you book a trip to the island before October 27, this discount gift card can be used at any restaurant, shop, attraction and hotel that accepts major credit cards.