iPhone 5S

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iPhone 5S

The high-end iPhone preceding the iPhone 6 and a major upgrade from the iPhone 5. Introduced in September 2013 along with the entry-level 5c, it was the first time Apple offered two new phone models (see iPhone 5c). The 5s also featured iOS 7, a completely redesigned OS for the first time since the iPhone's debut in 2007 (see iOS versions).

Available with up to 64GB of storage, the 5s employed Apple's A7 64-bit CPU for faster processing and a second processor for motion sensing (see Apple coprocessor). A greatly enhanced camera with a larger sensor provided image stabilization, more accurate flesh tones (see True Tone Flash), slow-motion video, zoomed video, image filters and new modes for square pictures, panoramas and 10 stills per second. The 5s used a Nano SIM card, rather than the Micro SIM in previous iPhones.

Touch ID
A significant external change was Touch ID, which added a fingerprint reader to the home button. Users touched the button to unlock the phone or download from the App store. See iPhone.

The 5s and 5c Models
The 5s cases were metal with more conservative hues, whereas 5c cases were plastic and colorful. (Image courtesy of Apple, Inc.)

Touch ID Fingerprint Reader
Other than case colors, the most obvious external difference between the 5s and 5c hardware was the combo home button and fingerprint reader on the 5s. (Image courtesy of Apple, Inc.)
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With iPhone 5s getting pulled out of offline retail channels, the iPhone SE will become company's entry-level handset in the offline market with a price tag of Rs 20,000.
Apple needed to develop a new 4 device if they wanted to continue offering one, as iOS becomes more resource intensive over time, and the iPhone 5s start aging,
The two phones will be so identical that cases designed for the iPhone 5s will work with the iPhone SE.
With the new smartphones expected to be available in the UAE later this month, retailers will sell iPhone 5s cases in smaller quantities and at lower prices in the weeks ahead.
5-inch (14-cm) displays is much larger than the initial order last year of between 50 million and 60 million for iPhone 5S and 5C models, the people told the Journal.
The iPhone 5s retains its classic metallic look, adding another precious element--gold--to its space gray and silver lineup.
A total of 5 iPhone 5S Gold and another 5 iPhone 5S were given away during the campaign which was the first of its kind for the Mobilink consumer post-paid segment in Pakistan.
CounterPoint Research pointed that the sales boost in China propelled the iPhone 5S to be the best-selling phone worldwide during that period.
These packages from VIVA will provide customers with more value for money allowing them to get the iPhone 5s and 5c on a monthly subscription whilst enjoying unlimited on-net voice and data as well as enjoy a special free number, among other benefits.
The unsubsidised price for the iPhone 5S in the US is $849, while the iPhone 5C will go for $549.
Sprint (NYSE:S), a provider of a range of wireless and wireline communications services, announced on Friday that it will be offering the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c on its 4G LTE network, beginning on 20 September 2013, in all Sprint retail channels.
The carriers will not take pre-orders for the premium iPhone 5s, which features a fingerprint security sensor that can unlock the handset.