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iPhone versions

Following is a summary of iPhone models since the first iPhone in 2007. The primary enhancements are outlined below. See iPhone, iOS versions and Apple A series.

CURRENT iPHONES FROM APPLE                     MaxScreen  Weight           StorageModel   Size  (oz.) Resolution (GB)  SoC**

 11 Pro Max
         6.5   8.0   2688x1242   512  A13
 11 Pro  5.8   6.6   2436x1125   512  A13
 11      6.1   6.8   1792x828    256  A13
 Xr      6.1"  6.8   1792x828    256  A12
 8 Plus  5.5"  7.1   1920x1080   256  A11
 8       4.7"  5.2   1334x750    256  A11
 SE      4.7"  5.2   1334x750    256  A13

** See  SoC. (System on Chip)

iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max (September 2019)
Major still and video camera enhancements including 13mm ultra wide lens and special effects. AI techniques create exceptional detail using all three lenses, and 3D Touch dropped in favor of long-press Haptic Touch. AirDrop also enhanced with ultra-wideband (UWB) transmission. See iPhone 11.

iPhone Xr - (September 2018)
Faster processor geared for AI, virtual reality, etc. The Xr was the entry level in the X series. See iPhone X series.

iPhone 8/8 Plus - (September 2017)
Introduced with the iPhone X, the 8 and 8 Plus have wireless charging and minimum storage of 64GB, twice that of the 7 and 7 Plus. See iPhone 8.

iPhone SE (April 2020)
The entry-level SE was redeployed and brought up-to-date in the body of the iPhone 8 and same CPU as iPhone 11 models.

PREVIOUS iPHONES                     MaxScreen  Weight           StorageModel   Size  (oz.) Resolution (GB)  CPUX       5.8"  6.1   2436x1125   256  A11
 Xs Max  6.5"  7.3   2688x1242   512  A12
 Xs      5.8"  6.2   2436x1125   512  A12
 SE      4.0   4.0   1136x640    128   A9
 7 Plus  5.5"  6.6   1920x1080   128  A10
 7       4.7"  4.9   1334x750    128  A10
 6s Plus 5.5"  6.8   1920x1080   128   A9
 6s      4.7"  5.0   1334x750    128   A9
 6 Plus  5.5"  6.1   1920x1080   128   A8
 6       4.7"  4.6   1334x750    128   A8
 5s      4.0"  4.0   1136x640     64   A7
 5c      4.0"  4.7   1136x640     32   A7
 5       4.0"  4.0   1136x640     64   A6
 4s      3.5"  4.9    960x640     64   A5
 4       3.5"  4.8    960x640     32   A5
 3G S    3.5"  4.8    480x320     32 2298
 3G      3.5"  4.7    480x320     16 0278
 2G      3.5"  4.7    480x320     16 0098

iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr - (September 2018)
Faster processors geared for AI, virtual reality, etc. Top models are Xs and Xr Max, while Xr is the entry level in the X series. See iPhone X series.

iPhone X - (September 2017)
Thinner bezel on the X, an OLED screen and wireless charging. More biometric recognition (iris, face, etc.). For the first time, an iPhone cost more than USD $1,000 with 256GB storage. See iPhone X.

iPhone SE (March 2016)
Entry-level iPhone for people who prefer a smaller phone. See iPhone SE.

iPhone 7/7 Plus - (September 2016)
Same size as 6/6 Plus, the 7/7 Plus are water resistant with no analog headphone jack for the first time. The 7 Plus camera switches between two lenses. See iPhone 7.

iPhone 6s/6s Plus (September 2015)
Same size as 6/6 Plus, Force Touch feature was added to the 6s/6s Plus. Fingerprint scanner and camera were improved.

iPhone 6/6 Plus - (September 2014)
Thinner with many enhancements and larger screens. Apple's first credit card payment system was included (see Apple Pay). See iPhone 6.

iPhone 5s/5c - (September 2013)
Additional motion-sensing processor, fingerprint reader and greatly enhanced camera in 5s. The entry-level iPhone 5c was introduced (repurposed 5 with larger battery and colorful cases). See iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5 - (September 2012)
The taller, thinner iPhone 5 included a larger screen, improved camera, re-designed earbuds and dock connector plus support for the higher-speed 4G LTE networks. See iPhone 5.

iPhone 4s - (October 2011)
The 4s added numerous features, including the Siri virtual assistant. Although it looks like the 4, there were internal hardware changes. See iPhone 4s and Siri.

iPhone 4 - (June 2010)
The thinner iPhone 4 offered higher resolution and FaceTime video calling. In February 2011, Verizon offered its first iPhone, a CDMA-based iPhone 4. See iPhone 4.

iPhone 3G S - (June 2009)
The 3G S added a faster processor, video camera, voice phone dialer and improved battery life. With iOS 4, the 3G S finally had multitasking. See iOS versions.

iPhone 3G - (June 2008)
Higher-speed 3G data service was very welcome. Many improvements including GPS. Most significantly, the 3G debuted with an application platform that made it a general-purpose computer and turned the mobile world upside down. The 3G also came out in Canada and other parts of the world (see SIM lock). See iOS versions.

iPhone 2G - (June 2007)
The first iPhone was just plain "iPhone;" however 2G was coined to differentiate it after the 3G came out. Introduced in the U.S. exclusively from AT&T, the GSM-based iPhone was greeted with extraordinary enthusiasm (see iPhone). Although users raved, it used the 2G GPRS and EDGE data networks, which were painfully slow. See iOS versions.
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