iPod touch

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iPod touch

The current and only iPod model from Apple, which is essentially an iPhone without cellular service. Introduced in 2007, the first iPod touch models came with up to 16GB of flash memory, increasing to 128GB in subsequent versions. The touch broke away from the illustrious click wheel that helped make the iPod successful and replaced it with a touchscreen interface like the iPhone. In 2008, a speaker was added.

The touch Is a Computer
Version 2.0 of the operating system (July 2008) turned the iPod touch into a mobile computer just like the iPhone (see Apple App Store). Except for cellular access, almost everything people do on the iPhone can be done on the touch. Wireless access is via Wi-Fi. See iPod and iPhone.

Dual Cameras in the 4G
In 2010, the 4th-generation iPod touch made a big splash by adding front and rear cameras for stills, HD video recording and FaceTime video calling to other 4th-generation touch and iPhone 4 users. See iPhone 4.

The 5G - Like the iPhone 5
In 2012, the 5th-generation iPod adopted the 4" screen as the iPhone 5 and the higher-quality Retina Display. It also included an improved camera and higher HD resolution (from 720 to 1080 lines). In addition, the Siri virtual assistant was included.

A Much More Powerful 6G
In 2015, the 6th-generation touch features Apple's new music service (see Apple Music) along with new colors, an enhanced camera, Bluetooth 4.1, the same A8 processor as the iPhone 6 and more RAM. Boosting speed to roughly 85% of the iPhone 6, the iPod 6G features significantly better gaming and graphics performance than the 5G touch. See iPod models and Siri.

Phone No - Video Calling Yes
Starting with the 4G touch in 2010, FaceTime video calling was added. (Image courtesy of Apple Inc.)
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