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iPod models

Following are all the Apple music player models. iPods were extremely popular prior to the iPhone, which has all the iPod functionality built in. The only remaining iPod is the touch, which is an iPhone without the phone (see iPod touch).
CURRENT iPOD MODEL (iPOD TOUCH)g=generation             Color   GBytes   No. of             Color   Flash   SongsModel         Screen  Storage Stored

 touch (7g)    4"        32      7,000
 touch (7g)    4"       128     28,000
 touch (7g)    4"       256     56,000
 See  iPod touch.

 PREVIOUS iPOD MODELSg=generationfl=flash memory  hd=hard diskmono=monochrome black on white screenColor    GBytesModel           Screen   Storage

 touch (6g)      4"       fl 32-128
 touch (5g)      4"       fl 8-64
 touch (4g)      3.5"     fl 8-64
 touch (3g)      3.5"     fl 8-64
 touch (2g)      3.5"     fl 8-16-32
 touch (1g)      3.5"     fl 8-16-32
 See  iPod touch.

 classic (6g)    2.5"     hd 160
 classic (5g)    2.5"     hd 160
 classic (5g)    2.5"     hd 80
 classic (5g)    2.5"     hd 60
 classic (5g)    2.5"     hd 30
 iPod U2 (4g)    2"       hd 20
 iPod Photo (4g) 2"       hd 30-60
 classic (4g)    2"       hd 20-60
 classic (1-3g)  2" mono  hd 5-40
 See  iPod classic.

 nano (7g)       2.5"     fl 16
 nano (6g)       2.2"     fl 8-16
 nano (5g)       2.2"     fl 8-16
 nano (4g)       2"       fl 8-16
 nano (3g)       2"       fl 4-8
 nano (2g)       1.5"     fl 2-4-8
 nano (1g)       1.5"     fl 1-2-4
 See  iPod nano.

 shuffle (5g)    none     fl 2
 shuffle (4g)    none     fl 2
 shuffle (3g)    none     fl 2-4
 shuffle (2g)    none     fl 1-2
 shuffle (1g)    none     fl .5-1
 See  iPod shuffle.

 Mini            1.7" mono  hd 4-6
 See  iPod Mini.
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