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(i-mer -shŏn) Entry of a celestial body into a state of invisibility during an eclipse or occultation.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Immersion is a term used to describe the Sun or the Moon as it enters an eclipse. Sometimes the term is applied to occultations.

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The disappearance of a celestial body either by passing behind another or passing into another's shadow.
A mapping ƒ of a topological space X into a topological space Y such that for every xX there exists a neighborhood N of x, such that ƒ is a homeomorphism of N onto ƒ(N).
(science and technology)
Placement into or within a fluid, usually water.
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Does ice immersion influence ankle joint position sense?
The effect of ice immersion on joint position sense.
studied three different agility tests (carioca maneuver, co-contraction test, shuttle run) following a 20 minute, 1[degrees] Celsius ice immersion to the dominant foot and ankle, noting there were no significant differences between the control group and the ice immersion group, suggesting cryotherapy applied specifically to a joint may not alter agility.