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The country code for Ireland.
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information engineering

An integrated set of methodologies and products used to guide and develop information processing within an organization. It starts with enterprise-wide strategic planning and ends with running applications.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft's original Web browser, which has been included with Windows since Windows 98. Commonly called "IE," versions for Mac and Unix were available for a number of years but then discontinued. At one time, IE was the most widely used Web browser on desktop computers. However, Chrome and Firefox eventually took the lion's share. In 2015, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 and a new browser (see Edge browser), although IE is still included for compatibility.

The Browser Wars
In the mid-1990s, Netscape's Navigator browser, which was paid software, became the de facto on-ramp to the Web. Recognizing the Internet's potential, Microsoft quickly developed IE for Windows and gave it away. As a result, Netscape was forced to make Navigator free, and both browsers vied for top place, each new version one-upping the other with new features. Since it came with every Windows PC, IE eventually trumped Netscape. See Web browser and World Wide Web.
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efficaciter citatum, quoddam utilissimum praebuisse, id est exemplar decisionis iudicialis die 19 augusti 1991 in gradu appellationis latae.
Navarro's works to be played are: Paso Doble; Petit Divertissement for Trombone, with Josua Mesa as soloist; "The Bonnet"; "Id Est," Solo for B Flat Cornet, with Jasper G.
2011), id est, for reducing computational time of DEM simulations.
>> certaines matieres de la foi, id est : n'arrivent pas
[H]oc, inquam, licet divinum sit, id est a Deo datum, amissibile seu mutabile esse potest ex iustis causis; sicut vita ipsa et corporis membra et ius libertatis naturalis a Deo donata sunt, et de iure naturae esse dicuntur; et nihilominus ex iusta causa auferri, vel minui possunt per potestatem humanam, quam intelligimus a Deo esse concessam, quia communi bono reipublicae humanae ita expediebat.