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exchange-traded bonds of Public Joint-stock Company Moscow United Electric Grid Company with Issue Identification Numbers 4B02-01-55039-E-001P and 4B02-02-55039-E-001P;
On stress, the court said that even under the best viewing conditions, high levels of stress can diminish an eyewitness' ability to recall and make an accurate identification. It may be noted 'while moderate levels of stress improve cognitive processing and might improve accuracy, an eyewitness under high stress is less likely to make a reliable identification.
The more that identity perceptions are widely shared and densely articulated by members, the stronger the workgroup identity becomes (Cole & Bruch, 2006), and, as a result, the stronger the potential for workgroup identification. Thus, we made the following proposition:
Moreover, it is imperative to ensure that, after their arrest, the suspects should be put to identification tests as early as possible and such suspects should preferably not be remanded to police custody in the first instance and should be kept in judicial custody till the identification proceedings are held, the guidelines suggest.
The second is the contextual justification for harnessing the advantages of technology to overcome the shortcomings of the identification system.The role of formal identification in any jurisdiction cannot be overplayed.
On Monday, Sar Kheng posted on his official Facebook page that the implementation of the One Window Service to provide identification services at commune halls in Kep and Kampot provinces boosted the effectiveness of public services.
PSN is a randomly generated, unique and permanent identification number for each individual, to be incorporated in all identification systems of government agencies.
"There is therefore no basis at all for the apprehensions about the Phil-ID (Philippine identification system), unless of course that fear is based on anything that borders to illegal," he added.
(29) A showup identification conducted on the eve of trial outside the courtroom, long after the alleged crime occurred, would not be admissible if defense counsel attended the identification procedure and cross-examined the witness.
The Electronic Identification Bill will enter into force six months after its publication in the State Gazette.
exchange-traded bonds of the public joint-stock company Mining and Metallurgical Company Norilsk Nikel with identification number of the issue 4B02-05-40155-F;

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