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Jainism is such religion which astonishes me with the way it follows the ideology of peace and goodwill," Singh stated.
Targeting Sharif, he said, 'You are bashing about ideology these days, tell us what your ideology is.
Only a handful of studies to date have considered gender role ideology in a Christian population.
This article improves our understanding of American party ideology development in two ways.
Ideology is a key factor that is taken under consideration while devising a foreign policy at internal and external levels.
The ones who meekly obeyed the Kemalists and helped to disseminate their ideology were not harmed.
For Mullins [4], an ideology is composed of four basic characteristics:
Mr Javid's comments follow a call from David Cameron for British Muslims to do more to tackle those in their communities who "quietly condone" IS's extremist ideology.
Specifically, capitalism as an effective wealth-creating system has been corrupted and exchanged for a capitalist ideology that caters for profit-making only.
The impetus rests upon the notion of every global catastrophe to be based on some specific kind of ideology or 'clash of ideologies.
Consequently, we use the composition of the Lower Chamber of parliament, elected by universal (male) suffrage throughout the observation period, as a main ideology index, according to the right-left divide of the time.
In ideology and utopia we find an "interplay of the two fundamental directions of the social imagination" (Ricoeur, "Ideology and Utopia as Cultural Imagination" 27).