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Arts the characteristic artistic style of an individual, school, period, etc.



a combination of linguistic units whose meaning does not coincide with the meaning of its component elements. This lack of correspondence may be a consequence of the change in meaning of the elements as part of the whole.

A distinction is made between intralinguistic and interlinguis-tic idioms; the latter are characterized by the impossibility of “literal” translation. The lexical idiom is a nonfree combination of words (a variety of phraseological unit) that is characterized by integrity of the meaning, which cannot be inferred from the lexical components; it has the functional features of a word as a nominative unit of language and is rendered as an integral unit of language—for example, sobaku s”est\ “to know inside out” (literally “to eat a dog”); slomia golovu, “at breakneck speed” (literally “breaking [one’s] head”); akhillesova piata, “Achilles’ heel”; and pod mukhoi, “tipsy” (literally “under the fly”). The.concept of “lexical idiom” reflects the outcome of the widespread, although irregular, process of the formation of integral character structures as the result of the fusion of the signifieds of two or more word signs with preservation of the formal separability of their signifiers.


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As in other languages expansion of British and American idiomatic system is realized by means of describing various fragments of day-to-day discourse in idioms.
Humorous, punchy and informative idiomatic phrases such as "nothing to write home about", "grab the bull by the horns", "getting hot under the collar", "to have your head in the clouds", "excel yourself" were used to advertise various soft skills and IT training courses.
Voicebox Artistic Director Guillermo Silva-Marin was suitably idiomatic as the Cantador, a sort of traditional wedding singer, and then there was Enrique.
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Novel features Much more than a dictionary, Reverso Context can translate entire phrases such as "was bound to happen" and find the most idiomatic translations in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic and Portuguese.
Its idiomatic nuances, rich vocabulary (or conversely the lack of richness surrounding a topic), and variations in dialect teach lessons on cultural values that can't be learned in a book.
Rhetorical flourishes, figures of speech, idiomatic oddities--Leigh is a cinematic grammarian whose ear is always tuned to the insinuations of inflection and syntax, whether the speaker is the yuppie in High Hopes who hurries her elderly working-class neighbor along with a revealing "Chop-chop," or the pair of backpacking Caucasian healthniks in Nuts in May, 1976, who disdain the "killer whites" (sugar, flour), even as they reproduce the very systems of oppression they're trying to leave behind.
AMT is designed to handle the special cases that arise in translation, like idiomatic expression, appropriate verb use, the expression of concepts where no literal translation exists and euphonic adaptation.
Comprising the largest database of words, with over 10 times more entries than the average dictionary, Word Magic Software also has the ability to recognize semantics and informal grammar, and contains the largest "Expression Builder" with more idiomatic phrases than any other translation software on the market.
The second-edition text reflects idiomatic and conceptual changes within American Sign Language (ASL), including new concepts resulting from the enormous technological explosion--the era of cell phones, laptops, and the Internet--that has occurred since publication of the first edition.
Fortunately, we now have this stylish and idiomatic performance of the complete film score performed by the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester under the baton of Marek Janowski, a Strauss specialist.
While artistically engaging, the Variations are technically accessible and feature writing both idiomatic to the instrument and reflective of a broad range of historical styles.