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The sample also contains a Mn-Fe carbonate druse dominated by idiomorphic columnar quartz and valentinite.
The carbonate particles (Figure 20(c)) and pyrite (Figure 20(d)) sometimes show idiomorphic crystals, which indicates that they were originated from primary sedimentation.
Weakly serpentinized olivine ([Fa.sub.35-44]) is more idiomorphic in gabbros than in anorthosites.
General appearance: Scattered clusters of idiomorphic prismatic crystals up to 1 mm long.
Given the pervasiveness of Australian tariff policy, the significant welfare implications of changes in that policy and the particular importance of international trade for this country, ensuing from its idiomorphic cultural, resource-endowment, and geographic characteristics, (5) considerable research effort has been invested in the examination of various dimensions of this issue.
Euphoria hit me in the nearby mineralogy collection, chunk by idiomorphic chunk.
From the lowest to the upper, these units are [12, 13] (i) B3 facies (-880 to -750 m), which contains euhedral pink-colored K-feldspars, zinnwaldites, and hosts commonly micaschists enclaves with quartz-ferberite veins; (ii) B2 facies (-750 to -450 m) consisting of a lepidolite-rich granular granite with idiomorphic quartz crystals and small amounts of K-feldspars; (iii) B1 facies (-450 to -100 m) corresponding to an albite-lepidolite-rich granite containing globular quartz crystals with typical "snowball" textures and rare anhedral perthitic K-feldspars.
The continuous normal zoning displayed by plagioclase in the two analysed samples for the present study, characterised by Ab-rich contents towards the rim of idiomorphic prisms (Fig.
In the case of albitization (94.7% albite, 3.9% anorthite, 1.4% orthoclase), the original twinning structure is still apparent, except where plagioclase bas altered to illite or carbonates, Idiomorphic olivine is present as microporphyroblasts, nearly always completely altered.
Secondary electron and TEM images show that the green material constituting the needle-like coating of the filaments actually consists of idiomorphic lath-like crystals < 10.5 [micro]m long and < 0.8 [micro]m wide (Fig.