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an object, frequently an image, which is worshiped as a deity. Idols are usually found in human or animal form and may be treated as though alive; they are fed, bathed, anointed, crowned, and sometimes even provided with a consort. Christians and Jews extend the term to include any deity other than their own; theologically, however, idol worship is generally applied to the adoration of what is seen and tangible as opposed to the worship of an unseen spiritual being.
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a material object to which religious worship is addressed. The cult of the idol, idolatry, originated far back in antiquity. To the worshippers the idol either represents (substitutes for), contains, or is the divinity itself. In modern religions idols continue to exist in the form of icons, crucifixes, and so on. In the figurative sense an idol is any object blindly and fanatically adored.

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1. a material object, esp a carved image, that is worshipped as a god
2. Christianity Judaism any being (other than the one God) to which divine honour is paid
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Icon-Derived Object Language. An object-oriented preprocessor for Icon.

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