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(sometimes US), idyl
1. a poem or prose work describing an idealized rural life, pastoral scenes, etc.
2. any simple narrative or descriptive piece in poetry or prose
3. a piece of music with a calm or pastoral character
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one of the main literary forms of bucolic poetry. The term “idyll” was first applied in the scholia to the short poems of the ancient Greek poet Theocritus, which were written primarily in hexameter and in different literary forms (the mime, epyllion, and lyric monologue). The poems are linked by an interest in the daily life of simple people, in personal feelings, and in nature, and the images are presented with a deliberate lack of artifice and a marked nonsocial context. Vergil followed Theocritus’ lead.

In modern European literature the term “idyll” is broadly applied to all bucolic poetry, including the idyll proper, all varieties of pastoral poetry, and works with idyllic strains and motifs. In the narrow sense of the word, an idyll is a form of the lyric and the epic—a short poem depicting a tranquil existence in harmony with nature, which focuses on the poet’s or hero’s inner feelings (the idyll proper). It became a favorite genre of such sentimentalists as I. H. Voss, F. Miiller, and Jean Paul (Germany) and S. Gessner (Switzerland). Examples of the idyll in Russian literature are found in the works of A. A. Del’vig, N. I. Gnedich, and V. I. Panaev.


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(10) The Red Knight, of course, like everyone else in these last Idylls, is not what he seems: he is in fact the disillusioned and betrayed young Pelleas of the Idyll Tennyson had already written to precede this one in the finished cycle.
(5) Applied to Tennyson's idyll, this means that both Camelot and Balin are doomed from the outset.
Published to accompany the exhibition oCreating the Countryside: Thomas Gainsborough to Todayo at the English art gallery Compton Verney from March to June 2017, this book contains artworks and seven essays that examine key moments in British art history that have impacted the concept of the rural idyll from 1600 to 2017.
For many the spectacular opening ceremony will be a lasting memory which began with a depiction of the rural idyll of Britain before the industrial revolution.
Whether it was BDI when sending the ministers and officers to bow before the NLA monument or VMRO - DPMNE when it decided to submit a new law on the rights of defenders, similar to the one it rejected in 2008 when the idyll with BDI was at sight ...
The programme for Saturday's concert will include Overture Rienzi, Siegfried Idyll, and The Valkyrie Act 1 - which contains some of the most lyrical, dramatic and intimate scenes in The Ring cycle.
If Quiet Days were a poem or painting locating its action in the countryside, we would immediately turn to the words "idyll" or "pastoral." For a novella primarily about the city, an approach that we might find useful appeared a few years ago in a book by Timothy Gray about the New York School of poets: Urban Pastoral.
Call me a cynic, but I'm not quite sure I buy into Richard Branson's portrayal of Kate Winslet giving his old mum a fireman's lift and tearing down the drive away from his burning tropical idyll.
At the close of a program dedicated to Jewish composersthey led off with "Hatikvah," and also dipped into the oeuvres of Gustav Mahler and Felix Mendelssohnthe orchestra, conducted by Roberto Paternostro (who has relatives who perished in the Holocaust), offered the Siegfried Idyll.
If you fancy a safari and don't want the hassle and time of long flights, then Shadymoor, just South of Shrewsbury, is a rural idyll with 200 acres of native woodland and unspoilt meadows, run by Kevan and Joy fox and fleeting family members.
Austrian author Michael Kohlmeier's 2008 novella "Idyll With Drowning Dog" begins with some dry humor as a writer has an increasingly unusual interaction with his notoriously exacting editor.