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1. the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one
2. a numeral, 4, IV, etc., representing this number
3. something representing, represented by, or consisting of four units, such as a playing card with four symbols on it
4. Cricket
a. a shot that crosses the boundary after hitting the ground
b. the four runs scored for such a shot
5. Rowing
a. a racing shell propelled by four oarsmen pulling one oar each, with or without a cox
b. the crew of such a shell

What does it mean when you dream about the number four?

Four is the number of stability, upon which all is based: the four sides to the square; the four seasons; the four directions; the four elements; and, the four mental functions (thought, feeling, sense, and intuition).

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3) No consideramos aqui la correlacion de FACETE--de resonancia positiva--y el numeral IIII expuesta recientemente por Rodriguez Martin (2016: fig.
The port of the Tempo IIIi is on the bottom of the cabinet, and attaching a U-shaped base to the bottom of the cabinet allows the port to fire towards the floor.
When it was delivered, the King tried to show off, insisting IV should become IIII and this has since become tradition.
Table 3 Rio's Performance on Symmetry Tests I & II (C-|is greater than~B Problems 1-12) TEST I Class Trials 1-4 Block Pass-Fail 1 XXII 2/4 F 3 IIIX 3/4 P 5 lIXl 3/4 P 12 IIII 4/4 P 18 IlIX 3/4 P 24 IIII 4/4 P TOTAL 19/24 5P-1F TEST II Class Trials 1-4 Block Pass-Fail 9 IIII 4/4 P 13 IXII 3/4 P 21 IXXI 2/4 F 23 IXII 3/4 P 26 IIII 4/4 P 29 IIII 4/4 P TOTAL 20/24 5P-1F I = correct response, X = incorrect response.
The NHL late-phase pipeline is relatively active, with 10 Phase IIII drugs and 46 Phase II drugs.
The date is 1831 and the inscription says: ``Gulielmus IIII D.
This low survival rate and the fact that a significant proportion of Stage IIII patients relapse with Stage IV disease mean there is significant unmet need in RCC.
Siemon reckons that if Richard II can yield riches to close readers, then those documents around that play's "revival" in 1601, the conversation of Elizabeth I and William Lambarde, John Hayward's History of Henry IIII, and various documents relating to the Essex rebellion will uncover similar nuggets.
The CRC, together with the Hadasit team, provides all of the services and facilities needed for pre-clinical through Phase IIII drug and medical device studies.
These twin studies are anticipated to fulfill the requirement for the two Phase IIII double blind, placebo controlled studies typically required for U.
Iiii Auxiliary Switch 1 No 3 Nc- Type La1dn 13- Qty.
The ultimate goal of these collaborations will be to engage in Phase I, II and IIII clinical trials.