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The illusions include a seemingly 'breathing square', which appears to get larger and smaller as it turns, as well as the 'Pac-Man illusion', in which a flashing circle of red dots appears to disappear the longer you stare at it, reports theMirror.
The illusion is achieved with the help of a series of flashing lights behind the image which trick the brain into thinking the shape is moving in different directions.
The gallery is a perfect way to spend a rainy day in Liptov.default:svg width="23" height="23default:use xlink:efault:useefault:svdefault:svg width="22" height="22default:use xlink:efault:useefault:svIlusia, the gallery of illusions has opened in the centre of Liptovskyacute Mikulaacutescaron.
The Museum of Illusions is the world's fastest growing museum chain in the world, and the new Dubai museum is the largest one yet -- housing 80 exhibits and interactive attractions designed to blow your mind.
On the walls are various optical illusions such as the Black Dot illusion, where visitors would have to stare at something for 30 seconds to see things shrink and disappear.
Scientists who looked into this illusion have shown that the phenomenon occurs in English, German and Mandarin speakers and regions in the brain that process music fire when a phrase is perceived as a song, but nobody has been able to explain as to why this illusion occurs in the first place.
WILLIAM BUICK, who had the choice between stablemates Soliloquy and Wild Illusion in Sunday's Qipco 1,000 Guineas at Newmarket, revealed last night he would ride the former, general 6-1 second favourite for the race.
Fresh from its record-breaking success in London's West End, IMPOSSIBLE has been hailed by critics as 'the Hottest Act in Town' (Daily Mail) for giving 'variety, illusion and magic a brilliant, fresh spin' (The Stage).
Scholars of literature and visual arts present 15 essays from the 2015 Prague Interpretive Colloquium, which was dedicated to the theory of aesthetic illusion as an influential concept of immersive effect in literature and the arts.
Researchers have discovered that staring at a common visual illusion can temporarily boost a patient's ability to see fine detail.
The illusion, named "Cafe Wall Illusion," might give the impression to some that the horizontal bars are bent and at an angle.