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1 video is expected to illustrate cross-cutting themes and findings from the above four workstreams.
Direct students to choose a situation, preferably from their own lives, that illustrates their group's motivational theory.
For example, she illustrates her analysis of a second Will sonnet, 136 (If thy soul check thee that I come so near) with the Genesis story of Jacob's duping his father Isaac into giving him the blessing due to his brother Esau.
His own explications often illustrate what many would call the traditional values taught by these proverbs, and the discussion by his informants clearly indicates their sense of the values inherent in some of them.
Example 1, above at right, illustrates how the maintenance of parallel regular tax and AMT bases in a shareholder's interest may affect the computation of deductible S losses.
Prints from this era illustrate as well the popularity of the violent martyrdoms of the early Christian saints.
The primary consideration was that they had the requisite complexity to illustrate all of the course material, which eliminated many types of stories.
Many period photographs serve to illustrate the text.
Figure 8 and the Appendix illustrate a hypothetical casting design using the recommended six factors behind good geometry selection.
Also, there are excellent sources of published information available to illustrate the evaluation process.
San Juan shows it, cropped and by "Bonacino," to illustrate the experience of turning the corner of the square (204) not mentioning the print's art-historical novelty: the church of Sant'Agnese is not the one actually built, but derives from a preliminary design Borromini mad e for a medal.
Figures 3-5 illustrate what is implied by the three solidification shrinkage types defined in Table 1.