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For this abstention they were praised in silly public prints as illustrating in their management the principle of Thrift for which they were founded.
As a practical commentary on the liberal social theory which he had just favoured me by illustrating, Mr.
After illustrating the wisdom of going backward, by reference to that sagacious fish, the crab, and the not unfrequent practice of the mule and donkey, he described their general objects; which were briefly vengeance on their Tyrant Masters (of whose grievous and insupportable oppression no 'prentice could entertain a moment's doubt) and the restoration, as aforesaid, of their ancient rights and holidays; for neither of which objects were they now quite ripe, being barely twenty strong, but which they pledged themselves to pursue with fire and sword when needful.
It is worthy of remark, as illustrating the importance we attach to our own judgments, and the pride with which we put forth our most rash and hasty conclusions, that, although Mr.
It is worthy of remark, too, as illustrating a little feature in the character of Miss Sally Brass, that, although on her own account she would have borne the discomforts of the Wilderness with a very ill grace, and would probably, indeed, have walked off before the tea appeared, she no sooner beheld the latent uneasiness and misery of her brother than she developed a grim satisfaction, and began to enjoy herself after her own manner.
The new handbook contains innovative graphics illustrating typical buildings each zoning district produces with improved explanatory captions; color photographs of buildings that typify zoning districts in neighborhoods throughout the city; tables for every zoning district listing applicable bulk regulations including height and setback, parking and yard requirements and minimum lot size.
Wavy lines assemble into shapes illustrating great scientific discoveries and the text segments honor both fascinating ideas and the people who labored to reveal them.