illustration program

illustration program

[‚il·ə′strā·shən ‚prō·grəm]
(computer science)
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drawing program

A graphics program used for creating illustrations. It maintains an image in vector graphics format, which allows all elements of the picture to be isolated, moved and scaled independent of the others.

Drawing programs and CAD programs are similar; however, drawing programs usually provide a large number of special effects for fancy illustrations, while CAD programs provide precise dimensioning and positioning of each graphic element in order that the objects can be transferred to other systems for engineering analysis and manufacturing. Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW are popular drawing programs. Contrast with paint program. See graphics and diagramming program.

Drawing vs. Painting
Although more painting tools are added to drawing programs and more drawing tools are added to paint programs, their inherent structure is entirely different. Drawing programs (vector graphics) allow for the creation of objects that can be manipulated independently. Paint programs (bitmapped graphics) provide a canvas that can be covered with electronic paint.
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The illustration program features color historical art and color photos of locations and reenactments.
It is delightful to use, a joy to behold and is likely the only illustration program a planner should use for 95 percent of his or her customers.
O'Brien says the company plans to build the results of the study into the customer illustration program used by its sales force, with data customized to each rep's local area.
Capability: HighDesign 1.5, a two-dimensional computer-aided design and illustration program for Macintosh operation system X, contains vector tools for use by experts and novices.
He got into the medical illustration program at University of California, San Francisco.
A fuller illustration program would have provided a better sense of each artist's visual development as well as the range of work each has produced.
On the other hand, The New Solar System has a far superior illustration program, with marvelous color photographs and diagrams throughout its pages.
This work displays an immensely detailed knowledge of the layout of the text- and illustration program of the royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings.
Admissions personnel and illustration program faculty are always impressed by a three-dimensional style approach to flat art, so students should be encouraged to recreate real life scenes and people, as opposed to drawing from photographs or recreating another artist's work.
With an illustration program it can take 2 or 3 times longer.
Also in January, Altsys is slated to regain control of the FreeHand illustration program it developed.
One consultant recalled a project in which she was hired to develop an illustration program for a major publisher's information systems textbook.