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image editor

Software that allows images to be edited and also converted to different graphics formats. Image editors typically deal with only bitmapped images such as GIFs, JPEGs and BMPs; however, some editors support both bitmaps and illustrations (see vector graphics). Common functions are manually cropping and resizing the image and using "filters" to adjust brightness, contrast and colors. Myriad filters are available for special effects (see image filter). Red eye removal is included in editors specialized for photos (see photo editor).

Layers Offer Essential Flexibility
A major difference between a basic image editor and a high-end editor such as Photoshop is the support of layers, which is mandatory in commercial design. Layers enable different parts of an image to be placed in separate, transparent "canvases" that can be moved over and under each other until the desired result is achieved (see layers). See paint program, photo editor and graphics.

Applying a Filter to an Image
This Photoshop screen shot shows the "lens flare" filter being applied to the image on the left. The type of camera lens, amount of brightness and position of the light can be adjusted.

Fixing Underexposed Images
Available as a stand-alone program or Photoshop plug-in, PhotoFlair uses the patented Retinex algorithm, developed by Science and Technology Corporation and NASA, to correct underexposed photos without affecting the areas with good exposure. (Image courtesy of TruView Imaging Company,

Image Editing Program
An image editing program that contains layers enables bitmap elements to be treated independently. They can be placed above or below each other temporarily until the desired result is achieved.
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