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see everlastingeverlasting
or immortelle
, names for numerous plants characterized by papery or chaffy flowers that retain their form and often their color when dried and are used for winter bouquets and decorations.
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20) Les trois passages auxquels je fais allusion ici sont Amours, I, 15, 7-8 et 35-42 (en particulier 7-8: mihi fama perennis / quaeritur, in toto semper ut orbe canar, "moi, cest une gloire immortelle que je vise; je veux que, dans le monde entier, tous les siecles me vantent"; et 41-42: Ergo etiam cum me supermus adederit ignis, / uiuam, parsque mei multa superstes erit, "donc, meme quand le bucher supreme m'aura consume, je ne mourrai pas et une grande partie de moi-meme survivra"), Tristes, IV, 10, 123-130 (en particulier 128-130: in toto plurimus orbe legor.
The article's interest lies chiefly in the theme of prostitution, which is explored through a close analysis of Makenzy Orcel's 2010 novel Les Immortelles, a work that shares with much other post-earthquake writing the concern with bearing testimony and the role of writers and writing after the disaster.
When asked what their star product is, L'Occitane brand manager Therese Calma proudly presented the Brightening Essence Serum: "It has a new formula with an even greater concentration of active molecules of Immortelle to help reduce pigmentation and prevent the appearance of dark spots due to sun exposure and skin aging.
These products are made from a wild plant known as the Corsican immortelle.
Two of these, the West Jaya and the Rowan XL II, are drilling for bpTT in its Immortelle and Savonette Fields respectively.
L'Occitane launched their Immortelle Precious Serum, PS42 in September and it's already won awards for leaving users with more radiant skin.
The convenient travel collection contains Bonne Mere Honey Soap, Lavender Foaming Bath, Pivoine Flora Shower Gel, Verbena Shower Gel, Immortelle Essential Water for the Face, Shea Butter Hand Cream and Precious Eye Balm.
Elle choisit un surnom a la fin du livre : SIEMPREVIVA (<< immortelle >>), du nom de cette petite fleur qui ne se fletrit jamais et qui est jaune comme elle est blonde.
L'Occitane has Immortelle Divine Cream, pounds 63, a luxurious cream that is enriched with plant oils.
by giant immortelle trees which at their due season lose all their
in Cohn 25) ("une malheureuse foule, vaincue par la maladie immortelle et le peche des siecles, d'hommes pres de leurs chetives complices enceintes des fruits miserables avec lesquels perira la terre" [Oeuvres completes II 83]).
Similarly, saffron's aromatic compounds have a highly anti-oxidizing effect--very useful in anti-ageing cosmetics--and can relieve stress, while the shrub known in coastal regions of the Mediterranean as Immortelle has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.