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or immortelle
, names for numerous plants characterized by papery or chaffy flowers that retain their form and often their color when dried and are used for winter bouquets and decorations.
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The title may also refer to the immortelle tree, whose distinctive vermilion flowers give it its common name of the "flame tree.
On peut des lors etablir egalement un parallele entre ce type d'ascese vers la transe par le biais du benshen pour creer une divinite en soi et les pratiques classiques de longue vie, d' << alchimie interne >> [neidan], de raffinement du souffle et des essences vitales, menees par les << immortelles taoistes >> [daogu].
The reader is more than well served by "Carnations and Immortelles," an exceptional, imaginative, well-documented critical study, a Portuguese X-ray of Europe, as well as a concise presentation of Portuguese literature and society in the last quarter-century, during the Age of Late Marxism -- a time, as Fernandez Morera puts it, "when the inviability of [Marxist] societies, though rather obvious before, became inescapably clear.
Niches, altars, tabernacles, granite bowls, marble urns, tombstones, smooth and carved, columns, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite, caryatids, friezes, acanthuses, entablatures and pediments, false vaults, real vaults, as well as stretches of brick wall, the gables of Cyclopean walls, lancet windows, rose windows, gargoyles, oriel windows, tympanums, pinnacles, paving stones, flying buttresses, pillars, pilasters, recumbent statues representing men in helmet, sword and armour, capitals with and without ornamentation, pomegranates, lilies, immortelles, campaniles, cupolas.
There are the mud-flowers of dialect And the immortelles of perfect pitch And that moment when the bird sings very close To the music of what happens.
Painted angels, actually made of papier mache, decorate the ribs which divide the dome's ceiling: this was originally painted blue with gold stars but in 1909 it was redone to show angels bearing crowns and wreaths of immortelles against a background of clouds and stars.
Pour boucler la boucle en apotheose, Karim plonge son monde dans les immortelles chansonnettes de deux monuments du genre, les regrettes Mohamed El Badji et Mahboub Safar Bati, a l'instar de [beaucoup moins que] El meknin ezzine [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Ya b'har ettoufane [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Dik chemaa [beaucoup plus grand que]- Pari, une nouvelle fois, reussi, de ce jeune cheikh qui travaille deja sur un second album.
Appartenant a la Fondation Sidi M'Chiche El Alami mais realises par des peintres chevronnes dont les artistes Ahmed Benyessef, Mylli Corica, Leonardo Caposiena, puis d'autres plasticiens talentueux de Kenitra, notamment Mehdi Ichar, Mohmed Akhatiou, Hayder Mohamed El Mehdi , et Mounir Hajouj, ces oeuvres artistiques immortelles crees pour servir l'Histoire du Maroc, ont ajoute un grand [beaucoup moins que]plus[beaucoup plus grand que] a son patrimoine artistique et culturel de l'Univers des Arts Plastiques.
On retrouve bien sur l'idee familiere chez Ruiz d'un nombre fini de situations dramatiques, a la maniere d' "histoires immortelles," invitant le dramaturge ou le scenariste a l'art de la combinatoire.
beaucoup moins que] Personne ne peut oublier ses &oelig;uvres qui demeurent immortelles.
Des figures immortelles et omnipresentes dans les memoires.
I look for the sky but it is hidden from the eye by the Spanish oaks, genipas, and the giant mountain immortelles arching over the bay-rum and coral trees and the pink cedars, that in turn bang over the wild birchberry and guava trees.