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An assay that quantifies antigen or antibody by immunochemical means. The antigen can be a relatively simple substance such as a drug, or a complex one such as a protein or a virus. See Antibody, Antigen

The reactants are first mixed so that a varying quantity of one (A) is added to a constant amount of the other (B). The formation of an immune (antigen-antibody) complex is measured as a function of the varied reactant (A). The result is represented by a “standard curve” for reactant A. An unknown sample is tested by adding it to reactant B. The extent of the measured change is referred to the standard curve, and thereby is obtained the amount of reactant A which produces a comparable change. The amount is represented as the content of reactant A in the unknown sample. See Immunofluorescence, Immunology, Radioimmunoassay


A laboratory detection method that uses antibodies to react with specific substances.
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According to the company, the Access AMH assay is a paramagnetic particle chemiluminescent immunoassay for the quantitative determination of AMH levels.
The vitamin megatrend seems likely to continue; perhaps the only definitive mitigation strategy for biotin interference risk is use of biotin-free immunoassay platforms.
This advance opens many new and exciting opportunities for immunoassays and other detectors, as well as in disease early detection and treatment," said Stephen Chou, the Joseph C.
Less than 15% (46 of 304) of laboratories using enzyme immunoassay (EIA; ie, the enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique [EMIT]) and microparticle immunoassay (ie, kinetic interaction of microparticles in solution) had positive results for MDMA.
4] immunoassays will give spuriously misleading values in just those conditions where you'd like to have an accurate free [T.
Modified immunoassay for polyether toxins: implication of biological matrices, metabolite states and epitope recognition.
The 2013 Quantitative Immunoassay Dashboard was developed from responses to a 24-question survey completed by 553 scientists located in North America and Europe.
M2 PHARMA-September 25, 2017-Kalorama: Immunoassays Show Strength, Especially in Three Areas
Kit for Radio Immunoassay of LH (kit of 100 tubes) (RIAK-10) Kit for Radio Immunoassay of
Immunalysis Corporation, a division of Alere Inc (NYSE:ALR) reported on Monday the receipt of 510(k) clearance for its SEFRIA Fentanyl Urine Enzyme Immunoassay from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the qualitative detection of fentanyl drug in urine.
Immunoassays play a major role in the analysis of many clinical laboratory analytes and in recent years have become more popular for measuring tacrolimus, replacing the mass spectrometric methods that were initially favored over the earlier immunoassay methods.
says it uses approval criteria for all of its Nunc immunoassay plates.