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A discipline concerned both with the structure of antibody (immunoglobulin) molecules and with their ability to bind an apparently limitless number of diverse chemical structures (antigens); with the structure, organization, and rearrangement of the genes coding for the immunoglobulin molecules; and with the structure and function of molecules on the surface of animal cells, such as the transplantation (histocompatibility) antigens, which recognize antibodies and the thymus-derived lymphocytes mediating the cellular immune response. See Antigen, Immunoassay, Immunoglobulin, Radioimmunoassay, Transplantation biology



a branch of immunology that studies the chemical foundations of immunity. The principal problems of immunochemistry are the study of the structure and properties of immune proteins—antibodies—and natural and synthetic antigens, as well as the elucidation of the laws governing the interactions between these principal components of immunological reactions in various organisms. Immunochemical methods also find practical application, especially during the separation and purification of the active principles of vaccines and serums.


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A branch of science dealing with the chemical changes associated with immunity factors.
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18-17-2017-00059 procurement contract, the Vaszary Kolos Hospital Esztergom will conduct a unitary patient identification system and laboratory automated immunochemical examinations as well as the delivery, installation and commissioning of PCR automats and hand disinfection dispensers as well as endoscopic washing machines and water disinfection equipment .
Comparison of a guaiac and an immunochemical faecal occult blood test for the detection of colonic lesions according to lesion type and location.
But immunochemical FOBTs (iFOBTs) react to glo-bin, which is degraded as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract.
Seven verapamil compounds were examined for cross-reactivity with the methadone immunochemical assay.
The subject of the order is "leasing of apparatus, delivery of reagents, control materials and calibrators and consumables for immunochemical determinations of menstrual hormones, thyroid hormones, cancer antigens and vitamins b12 and ferritin, vitamin d3" in quantities and assortments specified in annex 1 to siwz.
A sample collection container for a two-day study (1 study kit = 2 containers) for use on an autonomous immunochemical analyzer of occult blood in the feces of NS Plus manufactured by Otsuka Electronics Co.
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description of the procurement: The subject of the public contract is the delivery of reagents including all consumables, Calibrators, Control materials and operating solutions necessary for carrying out biochemical and immunochemical examinations in the required range and structure according to the current needs of the sponsor, Including free of charge 2 automatic analyzers necessary for carrying out biochemical and immunochemical examinations 6 years.
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