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An assay that quantifies antigen or antibody by immunochemical means. The antigen can be a relatively simple substance such as a drug, or a complex one such as a protein or a virus. See Antibody, Antigen

The reactants are first mixed so that a varying quantity of one (A) is added to a constant amount of the other (B). The formation of an immune (antigen-antibody) complex is measured as a function of the varied reactant (A). The result is represented by a “standard curve” for reactant A. An unknown sample is tested by adding it to reactant B. The extent of the measured change is referred to the standard curve, and thereby is obtained the amount of reactant A which produces a comparable change. The amount is represented as the content of reactant A in the unknown sample. See Immunofluorescence, Immunology, Radioimmunoassay


A laboratory detection method that uses antibodies to react with specific substances.
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Only one resolvable band (75-kDa isoform) was observed for Balanus glandula in all immunochemical assays (Fig.
reagents and consumables along with holding automatic analyzer for immunochemical assays for monitoring the concentrations of drugs and determine their pharmacokinetic parameters - Package No.
For the immunochemical assays we used a previously described in-house prepared polyclonal rabbitantihepcidin-25 antibody (17).
Contract notice: Supply of diagnostic kits for in vitro immunochemical assays and reagents associated ria technique (plotters, thinners, calibrators and controls), non captive supplies of equipment and radiolabelled products for development and production of immunochemical assays ria technology , for all establishments of the public assistance - paris hospitals.
Delivery of reagents, calibrators, controls and consumables along with the lease centrifuge, laboratory refrigerators, laboratory samples sorter and 2 analyzer platforms, analytical and immunochemical assays.
More recently, immunochemical assays for FLCs have been developed, and 1 study showed that the ratio of urine free [kappa] to [lambda] in combination with urine protein electrophoresis was clinically useful (11).
Contract notice: Delivery of reagents, calibrators, controls and consumables along with the lease centrifuge, laboratory refrigerators, sorter and two laboratory samples and analytical platforms analyzer immunochemical assays.
Achieving reliable results in these immunochemical assays requires adherence to a strict preanalytical protocol that includes careful venipuncture, centrifugation of the sample within 1-2 h after venipuncture, addition of EDTA for stabilization of nucleosomes, and storage at -70[degrees]C if measurement is to be delayed.
Problem # 3 - Delivery of reagents with the lease of immunochemical assays analyzerProblem # 4 - Supply of reagents with the lease of the analyzer to carry out tests of general intelligence.
Dye-binding assays can measure serum albumin but are too insensitive for MAU testing, making immunochemical assays the most widely used MAU methods (8).
Contract award: rent camera, delivery reagents, calibrators and control materials and consumables immunochemical assays.
Commonly used laboratory methods for the detection of autoantibodies in the serum include indirect immunofluorescence microscopy and immunochemical assays (5).