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A combination of the techniques of electrophoresis and immunodiffusion used to separate the components of a mixture of antigens and make them visible by reaction with specific antibodies.

A medium such as agar is deposited on a convenient base, for example, a microscopic slide. A small well is cut in the medium. A test solution is deposited in the well, and the contained substances are separated by electrophoresis along one axis of the plate. A trough is then cut in the medium parallel to, but at some distance from, the line of the separated substances. The trough is filled with antiserum which contains antibodies to one or more of the separated substances. The antiserum and substances diffuse toward one another and, where they meet, form curvilinear patterns of precipitation. These can be seen directly in clear media or can be visualized after washing out unreacted materials and staining in opaque media. See Immunoassay


A serological procedure in which the components of an antigen are separated by electrophoretic migration and then made visible by immunodiffusion of specific antibodies.
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