Impacted Cerumen

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Cerumen, Impacted


an accumulation of cerumen (ear-wax) in the external auditory canal of man; it may obstruct the canal. Symptoms of impacted cerumen are impaired hearing, a sensation of noise in the ear, and autophony, a condition in which the patient feels his voice resonating in his ear. Impacted cerumen is generally removed by irrigation; sometimes a special instrument is used.

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Incidence of excessive impacted cerumen in individuals with mental retardation: A longitudinal investigation.
The role that impacted cerumen plays in deafness is disputed.
In our study, we found no correlation between the incidence of impacted cerumen and age.
Review of a computerized visit schedule for an otolaryngology NC demonstrated that in i day seven patients were scheduled for nursing visits between 10 am and 5 pm: one for followup of vestibular problems, four for instrument-assisted impacted cerumen removal, one to be "worked in for nonspecified reasons," and a 2 hour pre-evaluation and treatment of a patient with sudden vertigo.
Roche, Siervogel, and Himes|1~ found that partial or complete obstruction of the ear canal, as with impacted cerumen, occurred in some 10% of normal children ages 6-17.
We conclude that 1 or 2 applications of Sofenz followed by irrigation with lukewarm water is a safe, well-tolerated, and effective treatment for excessive or impacted cerumen in the external auditory canal.
In this article, we describe our evaluation of the safety and efficacy of Sofenz in the treatment of patients with excessive or impacted cerumen in the external auditory canal.
A frequent cause for failure on school hearing screening, impacted cerumen accounts for 10% of failures in school hearing conservation programs.
When impacted cerumen is found, the standard protocol in most schools requires referring students to their family physicians.
This device is easy to learn and use and will be a timesaver for the treatment of patients with impacted cerumen.
Residents with impacted cerumen were referred for ear lavage before audiometric assessment.
Impacted cerumen is a common cause of temporary hearing loss, tinnitus, and ear fullness.