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see moodmood
or mode,
in verb inflection, the forms of a verb that indicate its manner of doing or being. In English the forms are called indicative (for direct statement or question or to express an uncertain condition, e.g.
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in linguistics, a mood of the verb. The imperative in Russian is usually expressed by a pure stem or stem + plural suffix (glian’ or glian’ + te, “Look!”). The interjectional imperative is a class of verbal words with an imperative exclamatory meaning—for example, in Russian von! or proch’!, “Go away!”; doloi!, “Down with it!” The inclusive form of the imperative impels those being addressed to joint action with the speaker or speakers—for example, in Russian poidem, poidemte, “Let’s go,” as opposed to poidite, “Go.”


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milar results Mukhlas [8] argues that the imperative form does not always use the structure of the imperative verb (fi'il injunction) but also use mudari fi'il structure 'which dijazamkan with lam imperatives), declarative sentence structure, and the structure of the fi 'il nahyi (negative amar).
The Moral Imperative statement seeks to generate the necessary social and political will by inspiring greater commitments from others to join in this cause, tapping into many of the shared convictions and beliefs that unify the world's major religions around the call and responsibility to combat poverty.
He further said: However, it is ultimately the value that the Imperative Energy business will deliver to the Gaelectric Group through their core offering, project revenues, market positions, reputation, knowledge and skills that convinced us of the need for them to join Gaelectric.
Bastei Luebbe and Imperative Entertainment will each hold a 50% share in the new entity, which will operate under the name Bastei LLC, the companies said without disclosing other financial details.
There are five clear digital imperatives for chief marketing officers (CMOs) worldwide: engagement, brand idea, analytics to make data work harder, speed of execution and organisational change," he added.
Now, in The Technological Imperative in Canada, Francis deftly links more than a century and a half of English-Canadian public servants, engineers, scientists, inventors, economists, cultural critics, philosophers and poets who have inquired into technology as the metaphysics of the vast, rich land they inhabit and sought to understand it against a backdrop of morality (the French Canadians will need a book of their own, he says).
Thus, what these three idioms have in common is the surprising occurrence of the imperative form of the verb in questions.
And he reintroduces readers to other interwar intellectuals--Stephen Leacock, Archibald Lampman, George Sidney Brett, and Frederick Philip Grove--who also wrestled with the technological imperative in this in-between era, when it was not at all clear whether to celebrate or lament the advances of industry and mechanization.
Alexander Graham Bell joined them later with his reflections on communication technology, agreeing with them that the technological imperative would support and, in fact, fulfill the moral imperative.
Kant says at 414 (page number from the Academy edition of the Groundwork) that 'if an action would be good merely as a means to something else the imperative is hypothetical; if the action is represented as in itself good, hence as necessary in a will in itself conforming to reason, as its principle, then it is categorical.
The first imperative is to make the 21st century the century of soft power.