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or mode,
in verb inflection, the forms of a verb that indicate its manner of doing or being. In English the forms are called indicative (for direct statement or question or to express an uncertain condition, e.g.
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in linguistics, a mood of the verb. The imperative in Russian is usually expressed by a pure stem or stem + plural suffix (glian’ or glian’ + te, “Look!”). The interjectional imperative is a class of verbal words with an imperative exclamatory meaning—for example, in Russian von! or proch’!, “Go away!”; doloi!, “Down with it!” The inclusive form of the imperative impels those being addressed to joint action with the speaker or speakers—for example, in Russian poidem, poidemte, “Let’s go,” as opposed to poidite, “Go.”


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And while the team certainly benefits from (Alicia's) leadership by example, she benefits from the whistle-to-whistle effort that her teammates are making this season, and she recognizes the imperativeness of a team concept of play.
The previous treatments based on the standard language (EKG 175--177; Metslang 1981 : 109--112; 2004; Metslang 1985) also single out such secondary means of expressing imperativeness adding specific shades of meaning as the question (5, 6), modalized declarative sentence (7), and indicative clause (8).
Before a countries own national law or "European" law imposes itself, in opposition to foreign rules of the lex contractus, it needs to explain the application of the particular rule and justify the imposition by its degree of imperativeness.
Instead of searching for a conception that would render both ethics and law more flexible, or questioning the conditions which drive them apart and rigidify them, Borowitz imports the Kantian categorical morality into Judaism; that same morality which has itself been fundamentally questioned by philosophical and political modernity, and which displays the qualities of absoluteness, unconditionality, formality and imperativeness, which he otherwise deplores in the idea of Halacha.
Awareness of the imperativeness of demographic assessment began to grow when efforts for social and economic development were systematically initiated in the developing countries.
That clearly underscores the imperativeness of clearing the haze in the public mind by telling the mass of the people as to what are the planks within which the dialogue venture is to revolve.
Referring to the imperativeness that everyone should be treated with respect and as an individual, David Behan, the chief executive of CQC, said: