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1. of or relating to an empire, emperor, or empress
2. (esp of products and commodities) of a superior size or quality
3. (of weights, measures, etc.) conforming to standards or definitions legally established in Britain
4. (formerly) a Russian gold coin originally worth ten roubles
5. Architect a dome that has a point at the top
6. a member of an imperial family, esp an emperor or empress
7. a red deer having antlers with fourteen points



a Russian gold coin. The imperial was minted from 1755 with a denominational value of 10 rubles and was equal to 10 silver rubles. The coin contained 11.61 grams of gold. During the monetary reform of 1895–97 and the placing of gold currency into circulation, the imperialy of the old weight were replaced by those with a denominational value of 15 rubles (accordingly, the denomination of the gold half-imperial was changed from 5 rubles to 7 rubles 50 kopeks). The new gold coins minted after the reform, with denominations of 10 and 5 rubles respectively, constituted two-thirds and one-third of an imperial.


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On the other hand, the Imperial families, no doubt, considered that in entertaining us they were more especially entertaining the people of America than they could by showering attentions on a whole platoon of ministers plenipotentiary and therefore they gave to the event its fullest significance, as an expression of good will and friendly feeling toward the entire country.
From the number of women they brought, I judged that they knew the weakness of their imperial master.
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Social Identity in Imperial Russia attempts both to synthesize the results of twenty years of social history research and to explain "the relationships between state building, large-scale social structures, and everyday life" (p.
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The conquerors virtually asphyxiated the narrative of the vanquished, by belittling its forms (or turning them into exotica) and imposing the imperial story as the universal way of telling.
Together, these have effectively challenged the paradigm of classical imperial history, as established in the period of 'high' imperialism.