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From the Latin imprecari, meaning to "invoke by prayer," an imprecation is a plea to a deity and, most often, a recited spell meant to curse. The term is seldom, if ever, used today, but it was used in many witch trials during the persecutions.


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Shrieks, imprecations, human life, dead bodies - all were engulfed in one terrific crash.
Every blow was accompanied with terrible imprecations.
As to his voice, prayers, sobs, and imprecations had changed it so that at times it was of a singularly penetrating sweetness, and at others rough and almost hoarse.
Many of the men were making low-toned noises with their mouths, and these subdued cheers, snarls, imprecations, prayers, made a wild, bar- baric song that went as an undercurrent of sound, strange and chantlike with the resounding chords of the war march.
Her son turned to look at her as she reeled and swayed in the middle of the room, her fierce face convulsed with passion, her blotched arms raised high in imprecation.
The boat-ramming situation cried out for fist-shaking and screaming of imprecations like 'outrageous' and 'disgusting.' I yelled 'pusillanimous SOBs' at the mealymouthed officials who merely expressed 'dismay'; I almost shattered the TV screen when I aimed the remote at the Agriculture Secretary.
Imprecations in the Muslim tradition are, as the philosopher of language J.
US officials have muttered imprecations against the EU concept, but what has now been announced is so circumscribed that Washington probably doesn't care.
Those tough talks, imprecations and threats from midgets and giants should be seen as natural reactions to a future denuded of its historical certainty.
While travelling on the high speed train to Tianjin in 2016, observers could see hoardings of imprecations by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) general secretary to"play soccer well for the nation." Xi Jinping Thought, the ideology recently enshrined in the CCP Constitution, might as well have a line in it about the need to finally bring home a game that many Chinese claim they invented.
All were imprecations or pleas to greater beings, for help or for the condemning of others.
No one has ousted Nawaz Shairf but it was will of Allah because imprecations of people were with him .