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From the Latin imprecari, meaning to "invoke by prayer," an imprecation is a plea to a deity and, most often, a recited spell meant to curse. The term is seldom, if ever, used today, but it was used in many witch trials during the persecutions.


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Earlier these imprecatory verses were composed in Sanskrit that could be traced to the ancient religious texts and often ascribed to sage Vyasa.
Yet, particular psalms like the imprecatory psalms require further discussion because of the theological quagmire they create and the confusion they potentially bring to the counseling process in dealing with negative emotions.
a number of bishops had called for the elimination of some psalms, especially the imprecatory ones, because they represent a stage in revelation insufficient to employ in Christian prayer.
The river Gangga is mentioned, and an imprecatory formula appears to occupy about half of the inscription.
Several are saying Hail Mary's and several are indulging in imprecatory prayer--praying for God to curse Seamars.
Don't hesitate to pray imprecatory Psalms over them," wrote Valentine in the group's newsletter.
Imprecatory psalms such as the 35th and 109th Psalms pronounce a curse over enemies of the Lord or the Lord's people, as in the following selection from verses 12 to 15 of the latter psalm:
Among other texts, he includes the stories of Jehpthah, Gomer, and Hagar, as well as the imprecatory psalms and the NT's teachings on women and on divorce.
It was a spiritual tour de force that revealed the author's close familiarity with the type of imprecatory sermon that Edwards made famous at Enfield.
Rastas found the Psalter appealing also because its imprecatory literary genre is specially suited to their lamentation against colonialism in their fight for national identity and social change in Africa and the Caribbean.
We believe the judge made a mistake in not understanding that imprecatory prayers are code words for trolling for assassins for the Weinstein family," Weinstein told RNS.