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The number of digits in a decimal fraction to the right of the decimal point.
In air operations, pertaining to a navigational facility which provides a combined azimuth and glide slope guidance to a runway.
(science and technology)
The measure of the range of values of a set of measurements; indicates reproducibility of the observations.
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a measure of the dispersion of the values of a random variable. The precision h is related to the standard deviation σ by the formula

This method of measuring dispersion is justified since, in the case of a normal distribution, the probability density of a random variable with precision h and mathematical expectation a is described by the formula

The precision is used as a measure of the dispersion primarily in gunnery theory and the theory of errors.

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The number of decimal places to which a number is computed.

Compare accuracy.
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The number of digits used to express the fractional part of a number. The more digits, the more precision. See single precision and double precision. See also accuracy.
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A statistical approach was used to estimate the relative combined uncertainty (UC) by combining relative uncertainties of imprecision (Uimp), bias (Ub) and calibrators (Uref).
Upon digital implementation of any control logic into the ECU, considerable imprecisions will be introduced on the signals at the ECU input/output (I/O).
error--transformed value = (1 [+ or -] bias)(1 [+ or -] imprecision) X (error-free value)
Combined imprecision was also calculated and placed in these plots as presented with the dotted lines.
Este trabajo discute algunas de las asunciones en las que se fundamenta el <<Factor de Imprecision sobre la Escala de Medida --FIEM-->>.
The goal of the data fusion is therefore to improve the quality of information while reducing imprecision and the uncertainty, and while palliating the lack of data in the time and in the space.
Last year, an independent review had identified an imprecision in the company's grant process for April 1997 in which both the c.e.o.
The dietary questionnaire response is likely to be an imprecise proxy for the transfer of seafood nutrients to the fetus, and this imprecision may bias the confounder-adjusted mercury effect estimate.
The value of the study, however, is limited by imprecision, inconsistencies, and the impossibility of verifying data.
These sometimes appear indecently keen to resemble emotional excavations, their superficial carelessness and imprecision too composed, too tactical.