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1. a producer or sponsor of public entertainments, esp musical or theatrical ones
2. the director or manager of an opera, ballet, or other performing company



in bourgeois countries, an owner or organizer of shows and concerts, or an agent concluding contracts and performing other services for a prominent artist on tour. In the 16th through 18th centuries in Italy, theater directors and also organizers and proprietors of private companies were called impresarios.

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Whereas the two male impresarios provided a place of worship and communion with their respective saints, the female impresarios we meet have operated as healers, thanks to the powers they have received from their saints.
Trained in both anthropology and psychology, Bilu provides a masterly analysis of each of his impresarios, exploring their personal histories, crises they have faced, the social setting in Morocco and the role saints played there, the changing fortunes of their Israeli hometowns, changes in their material conditions and in Israel's political and religious culture.
The other impresarios have adopted historical figures from Israel, known and revered by Jews of all backgrounds.
In a different context, one might consider placing psychiatric labels on some of the behaviours exhibited by the impresarios.
The second impresario is Ya'ish Ohana, who in 1979 announced to the world that Elijah the Prophet revealed to him in dreams that the Gate to Paradise lay in the backyard of his modest home in the town of Beit She'an.
However, at the request of a Japanese impresario, the company is staging The Sleeping Beauty, though a small stage and a modest artistic level can't guarantee a fully fledged interpretation of this classical dance encyclopedia created by Marius Petipa.
The Kirov's five-week season spanned July and part of August--a financial gamble by the British impresarios Victor and Lilian Hochhauser that seems to have paid off.