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basic data concerning a publication, intended to provide information to readers as well as for library and bibliographic processing, and the accounting and planning of publishing output.

General bibliographical imprints (the author’s last name, the title, name of the publishing house, place and year of publication, and so forth) are placed on the binding, the cover, and the title page. Publisher’s registration imprints are printed most frequently on the lower part of the last page of the book and more rarely, on the reverse of the title page. These provide the last names of people who have taken part in creating the book and are responsible for its quality (the editor in chief, the literary, art, and technical editors, the proofreaders, and the graphic designer). Also included in the publisher’s registration imprint are the dates when the copy was sent for typesetting and printing, quantitative data about the publication (size of the paper, the number of printed and registered published pages, and the circulation), as well as the order number, price, and names and addresses of the publishing house and the printing plant.


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There were three cases showing discrepancies between the imprint cytological diagnosis and histopathological diagnosis.
Mitotic figures though less in number in imprint and scrape smear as compared to corresponding paraffin section malignant lesions.
Independent bookstores that are not black owned and already carry Harlequin imprints will have access to a wider range of African American fiction.
HarperCollins bought the company in 1999, and the imprint went from publishing an average of four to five books a year to now releasing almost 20 new titles annually.
Giuseppe Penone: The Imprint of Drawing" was curated by Catherine de Zegher, director, Drawing Center, "Kiki Smith: Prints, Books & Things" was curated by Wendy Weitman, curator, Department of Prints and Illustrated Books, Museum of Modern Art.
I'm confident the revenues will result in profitable LawRx and IncRx imprints, but I'm not sure how smoothly the operation will perform internally.
A spokesperson for Imprint Publishers said that the new system can support the company's continuing growth.
It should be rigid enough to retain a permanent memory of the imprint, yet it needs to he macro-porous to allow the template to easily diffuse in and out.
Some species of gull (glaucous, herring, Thayer's) that live in Canada and Iceland imprint on the colored rings around the eyes and eye color of parents and later use it to identify suitable mates.
Tenders are invited for Long sleeve tee shirt glidan # 8400 50/50 poly cotton, moisture wicking color: sport grey imprint: navy blue size/quantity as follows small / 45 medium / 62 large / 164 x-large / 194 imprint on front left chest: septa logo imprint on back, 465 qty; long sleeve tee shirtn gildan #8400 color: sport grey imprint: navy blue size/ quantity as follows: 2xl / 150 3xl / 70 4xl / 12 imprint on front left chest: septa logo imprint on back, 232 each.
proposed a non-covalent imprinting technique in which non-covalent bonds hydrogen bonding and electrostatic interactions can be used to imprint template in highly cross-linked polymer [6].