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a short piece of instrumental music, sometimes improvisatory in character
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a type of improvisation; a short poem composed quickly, often orally, without long reflection. In content, an impromptu is usually a madrigal, epigram, or joke, such as A. S. Pushkin’s “A locust was flying . . . .” Occasionally impromptus are serious and lyrical in content, for example, F. I. Tiutchev’s “Human tears

In music, an impromptu is a piano piece, an improvisation inspired by a certain mood or experience, with vivid lyricism and a free musical form. Impromptus were written by Schubert, Chopin, and Liszt (valse impromptu).

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This disc offers an auspicious pairing of piano works by Schubert: four gentle and introspective impromptus followed by the darker and more angst-ridden B-flat major sonata.
Entering BAM's Howard Gilman Opera House for Sasha Waltz's Impromptus felt like landing on the moon.
The live piano and vocal renditions of Schubert's impromptus was an undeniable treat.
Her latest recital in these parts included four Impromptus from Schubert, Bach's gigantic Goldberg Variations and six quite incredible Tangos, arranged by herself, and composed by Astor Piazzolla.
In many ways, they eclipsed the opening pieces: four Schubert Impromptus.
Then there was a dreamy E flat major Impromptu while the G flat work was a perfect example of Schubert writing songs for the piano.
The first half consisted of Schubert's four impromptus, D935 and here Pires gave four readings of great precision, clarity and passion.
The recital ended with a finely-wrought performance of the Fantasie Impromptu in C sharp minor, Op 66.
Three of the four Chopin Impromptus were recorded rather frequently, with the G-flat being left out.