impulse generator

impulse generator

[′im‚pəls ‚jen·ə‚rād·ər]
An apparatus which produces very short surges of high-voltage or high-current power by discharging capacitors in parallel or in series. Also known as pulse generator.
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Impulse generator

An electrical apparatus which produces very short high-voltage or high-current surges. Such devices can be classified into two types: impulse voltage generators and impulse current generators. High impulse voltages are used to test the strength of electric power equipment against lightning and switching surges. Also, steep-front impulse voltages are sometimes used in nuclear physics experiments. High impulse currents are needed not only for tests on equipment such as lightning arresters and fuses but also for many other technical applications such as lasers, thermonuclear fusion, and plasma devices. See Fuse (electricity), Laser, Lightning and surge protection, Nuclear fusion

An impulse voltage generator (sometimes called a Marx generator, after E. Marx who first proposed it in 1923) consists of capacitors, resistors, and spark gaps. The capacitors are first charged in parallel through charging resistors by a high-voltage, direct-current source and then connected in series and discharged through a test object by a simultaneous spark-over of the spark gaps. The impulse current generator comprises many capacitors that are also charged in parallel by a high-voltage, low-current, direct-current source, but it is discharged in parallel through resistances, inductances, and a test object by a spark gap.

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The global EMC test equipment market is segmented on the basis of type into signal and impulse generator, amplifier, spectrum analyzer, EMI test receiver, and others.
The lightning impulse was provided by a six-stage impulse generator, of which the maximum voltage was 900 kV for an energy of 33.74 kJ.
The laboratory consists of a high voltage impulse generator, high voltage AC test system, high voltage DC test system, artificial rain-making equipment, associated control equipment and auxiliary devices.
The transmit path (TX) incorporates a Gaussian impulse generator that can generate pulses at up to 100 MHz.
An external impulse generator (IPG) was connected to the electrode.
To carry out electrical tests, the Ducab HV lab has a 600kV AC test set and a 1.9MV impulse generator, as well as advanced equipment for measurement of partial discharge, tan delta and resistance.
NO now travels backward across a chemical synapse to bind to the axon terminal (NO receptor sGC) of a presynaptic neuron, as in normal condition, now acts as impulse generator (at presynaptic membrane) thus bypasses the normal ANT.
Six tenders for the supply of (a) different cross section aluminum accessories, (b) alkaline battery sets each comprising 92 batteries + three stand by batteries, also battery chargers of 380 V, AC & 110 V, DC, (c) public lighting rods made of galvanized steel with different length arms, (d) 100 & 150 W sodium projectors with different length arms, complete with related accessories, (e) impulse generator SSG 100 unit, electronic cards, spare parts for the operating switches lamps, relays, contactors and meters etc.
Finally, the UWB impulse generator sends out a 2 ns pulse train at a 10 KHz rate, which is modulated by a 24 GHz LO signal through the mixer.
The PiScan Probe (Figure 1(a)) consists of a sensor unit that uses an accelerometer for sensor wave propagation and this wave is created with an instrumented hammer (Figure 1(c)), which functions as an impulse generator. This apparatus is equipped with two accelerometers.
An ICD is a small battery-powered impulse generator implanted in the patient to boost heart's activity.