in situ concrete

cast-in-place concrete, in situ concrete

Concrete which is deposited in the place where it is required to harden as part of the structure, as opposed to precast concrete.
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The other schools were dif ferent but equally inspired, sharing the brick curves, in situ concrete and a raw, organic style.
Reinforced concrete works: - Approximately 800 m2 floor plates in-situ concrete;- Approximately 1995 m2 tr-concrete ceilings in situ concrete and precast slabs execution;- D = 24 produced approximately 1 000 m2 concrete walls as interior and exterior walls;- Approximately 80 m concrete columns 30/30.
The Baths are in fact a composite of in situ concrete and load-bearing gneiss from a local quarry.
Scope of work: - Approximately 5 000 m2 facade armor;- Approximately 1 900 m3 ground recessed pit backfilling operations;- Approximately 3 300 m2 subbase;- Approximately 460 m3 waterproof concrete pile beam, floor slab, walls UG;- Approximately 4 900 m3 in situ concrete floor slab, walls, columns, slabs;- About 830 t reinforcement;- About 7 St.
The huge white painted steel pylon, which rises from an in situ concrete base containing a short staircase, holds the subtly curved spanning bridge deck (which is pitched at 1:18) and the spiralling entry ramps by means of taut stainless steel cable stays, giving the whole spectacular design its tense, dynamic sculptural profile.
Approximately 1 100 m3 in situ concrete floor slabs;
After analysing PowerGen's spatial requirements and extrapolating from Gateway 2, Bennetts arrived at a single rectangular volume enclosed by an in situ concrete frame, clad externally along the two main elevations with brick.
700 m bored piles, - To 1 000 m3 Rising components in situ concrete,
The facades form a subtly layered skin which is given articulation by recessing the ground floor slightly to expose the round, in situ concrete columns, forming a blind arcade.
3,586 m3 in situ concrete walls / columns / Ceiling
and footings;- Approximately 1 100 m3 in situ concrete floor slabs;- Approximately 320 m3 in situ concrete ceilings;- 450 m3 in situ concrete walls;- Approximately 1 300 m2 exposed masonry from calcareous sandstones;- 40 pcs.
This contract includes prefabricated structural member made of steel and concrete and cast in situ concrete constructions, with associated works for By 52 and 59.