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If there is a tree more beautiful than the California incense cedar (Calocedrus decurrens), left, I have yet to find it.
Extracts from western red cedar and incense cedar damaged twice as many spores as those taken from Alaska yellow cedar, western juniper, and Port Orford cedar.
inform me that the flower of the incense cedar I saw this morning by the
Each walker was given a pencil made from renewable incense cedar and a postcard to send to their MP urging the government to stop importing illegally cut timber.
Made entirely of premium incense cedar, the Tri-Conderoga is black, has a soft-touch finish, and sports a latex-free black eraser that ensures smudge-proof corrections.
After a day at the museum, you'll know that a Californian Incense Cedar tree provides enough wood to make 150,000 pencils and that NASA spent millions developing the world's first zero gravity space pen - only to discover the Russians were getting by quite well with pencils.
For these names on my holiday list I wrap a bundle of incense cedar and some rich red manzanita for kindling and color.
ALLPLANT ESSENCE[TM] new flavors including German Chamomile, Thyme, Oregano, Incense Cedar, and Bay Laurel
Other spots along the new subway yielded redwood pollen and logs of incense cedar that date to 46,000 years ago.
Encircled by soaring incense cedar and ponderosa pine, some 20 people gather around a June campfire in Kings Canyon National Park.
In the Gap Fire (Lake Valley) area, seeds have been collected from Jeffrey Pine, White Fir and Incense Cedar.
The Cafferatas planted about 5,000 seedlings, most of them Douglas fir, but also grand fir, Port Orford cedar, incense cedar, western red cedar, western hemlock and coast redwood.